The deck builder Dominion has received a new digital version. After a beta phase, the game from Studio Temple Gates Games is now in an Early Access phase. The game currently runs on Steam (PC), iOS and Android. 

In addition to the free base game, there are also numerous, albeit chargeable, expansions available. In addition to the normal extensions, there are also promo packs or the first editions of The intrigue or the base game. Also the latest expansion Allies has already been announced but has not yet been published. So far you can play in English and Japanese.

If you want to play an expansion in a group, it is sufficient if the host of the game (ie the person who creates the game room) owns the expansion. You can play live, in real time, or asynchronously and spread your moves over several days - similar to what you might know from correspondence chess.

How does Dominion even work?

Dominion is a deck builder. That means you start with a weak deck and have to upgrade it as the game progresses. There are three types of cards: money, point and action cards. Point cards are only important at the end of the game, since the person with the most points wins.

In the course of the game, these cards are more of a hindrance because you can't do anything with them. With money cards, on the other hand, you can buy action cards, (higher value) money cards or point cards. The action cards represent the core of the game and improve your deck.

Dominion digital version

This is what the game's interface looks like. Image: Temple Gates Games / Steam

By default, each turn you have an action where you can play an action card and a buy where you can buy a card. Many action cards, as the name suggests, give you specific actions. So it can be that you play a card and then take more cards in your hand, have more actions available, or are allowed to make several purchases.

These actions are explained on each card, and the "better" a card is, the more money you have to spend to buy it for your deck. So you have to try to have as much money as possible available in the respective rounds.

The game ends as soon as all provinces (this is the highest point card) or any three stacks have been bought empty. Then all people add up the points they have collected and the person with the most points wins.

How long the Early access phase will last is currently unknown. Temple Gate Games has been using the last few years Race for the Galaxy, Roll for the Galaxy  and Shards of Infinity already implemented some board games digitally.

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