The board game Charterstone by Jamey Stegmaier is now also available as a digital version - currently for PC Steam, but releases for Nintendo Switch and as a mobile game will follow. The board game about building the Eternal City, which has been nominated for several prizes, is another digital board game by Scythe author Stegmaier. 

When implementing Charterstone as a digital board game, the developers probably have the community idea in mind. The game should be able to be played across platforms; it not only has a local game mode, but also supports an online game variant. Likewise, however, the possibility of solo play.

Charterstone: Digital Edition is also coming to Nintendo Switch

The campaign board game is the next title from the pen of successful author Jamey Stegmaier, which has appeared on the market as a digital version. Scythe as a digital board game has been around for a long time and will follow in the spring Wings flap for Nintendo Switch.

The original set of rules of Charterstone remains untouched for the adaptation. The worker placement board game is about colonizing a city over the course of a total of twelve contiguous games.


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For players, the contest is about gaining as much influence as possible. The most important tools are the workers, whose placement generates raw materials typical of the genre. The playing field changes over the course of the game rounds; the village is growing. Charterstone is a legacy board game, but it can be reset to its original state using recharge packs.

This will be much easier with the digital version - the computer takes over. In contrast to other legacy games, Charterstone comes up with an innovative trick: although it produces more than less garbage, the original version does not make Charterstone a shelf keeper if you have “played it through” with a group of players.

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Like the original, the digital board game for Charterstone can also be played solo. In addition, players can meet up for online rounds or enjoy the title in the local game mode. Several levels of difficulty are supported with regard to the artificial intelligence of the enemy. Charterstone should be particularly good with the "portable" version for Nintendo Switch.

The first Steam ratings certify the title's entertainment value of the original. However, there are currently frequent bugs being criticized. The developers urgently need to make improvements here.

Charterstone is already available as a digital board game for PC Steam (release was on March 26th) and costs 15,99 euros. The version for Nintendo Switch will follow, and Charterstone will also appear as a mobile game. Acram Digital and publisher Mobo Studio were responsible for the implementation.

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