The Flussvolk expansion will be released in April for the digital implementation of the Root board game. Among other things, two new factions will then find their way into the game. The adaptation of the asymmetrical board game, the original version of which was published by Leder Games, has been available as a basic version since autumn last year. Dire Wolf Digital is responsible for the implementation. 

On Valve's gaming platform Steam, the Flussvolk expansion for the digital version of Root can already be added to the wish list. The add-on will be released on April 27th. Behind the development is Dire Wolf Digital, a studio that has adapted board games other than digital versions, but is also responsible for implementing analogue game ideas. For example, Dire Wolf is behind the board game for Frank Herbert's science fiction epic Dune.

Root: Riverfolk expansion brings new parties into play

The digital river people expansion also brings two new parties, new vagabonds and new solo scenarios into play. From the end of April fans can join the lizard cult or direct the fortunes of the River People Company.

Above all, the latter occupies a special position among the parliamentary groups, as it is fundamentally neutral - although it benefits from the wars in the forests. In this way, paid services can be offered via a trading post, always with the aim of increasing the wealth of the trading faction and establishing trading posts. The lizards are not a directly belligerent people either. The cult uses words instead of currency to gain religious control of the region by recruiting acolytes.

The river folk expansion for Root will also implement a single player mode so that solo fans can also tackle scenarios. The tutorials have also been revised: This will make it easier for beginners to find their way into the game and to gradually improve.

When the expansion appears on April 27, the digital base game has been available for around seven months. In September of last year, Dire Wolf Digital published the digital version of Root by Leder Games and hit the jackpot with the game. The fans in particular praise the board game - around 94 percent of the Steam reviews are positive. The main game is required to play the expansion. Root is currently available at a discounted price on Steam for 8,11 euros.

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