Asmodee Digital, the leading video game publisher, has released A Feast for Crows DLC, a massive expansion to the popular game A Game of Thrones: The Board Game - Digital Edition. The expansion offers a completely new scenario for four players and includes various great features such as a new house, new objective maps and a new victory condition that promise a faster gameplay experience. A Feast for Crows DLC is available now for mobile and Steam, priced at $4,49 on the App Store, $2,99 ​​on Google Play and $4,99 on Steam.

A Feast for Crows tells the story of House Arryn, living high in the cloud-shrouded mountains. While the people here were once sheltered from the chaos of Westeros by the mountain range, their relatively peaceful existence is now threatened. Lord Jon Arryn, Ned Stark's mentor and brother-in-law, has been murdered and the members of his house seek revenge. Secretly plotting their revenge, the Arryns are ready to strike at the aliens bent on dominating Westeros.

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Developed by Dire Wolf Digital, the digital board game is an adaptation of Fantasy Flight Games' popular strategy board game based on George RR Martin's fantastical tale A Song of Ice and Fire. The game offers unique story-driven challenges set in the time of the War of the Five Kings - the epic conflict in which the six great houses of Westeros fight for the throne. Players take on one of the six Houses of Westeros (Lannister, Stark, Greyjoy, Martell, Tyrell, or Baratheon) and have 10 turns to claim the crown through the judicious use of strategic planning, warfare, treachery, cooperation, diplomacy, and military Strength. The game features asynchronous gameplay, online and offline (solo) modes, and cross-platform multiplayer, allowing mobile players to share this adventure with PC and Mac players.

In a new rule, supplies are now counted at the end of each turn, drastically limiting the number of units each player can have, which in turn increases the importance of crucial areas on the map.

Also included in the Game of Thrones Digital Board Game DLC are seven unique house cards for the new House Arryn, 28 secret objective cards, four faction objective cards, and ten new Westeros cards.

The new scenario for four players makes the game significantly faster by no longer focusing on castles but on new victory conditions that require public and secret objectives to be achieved.

And last but not least: House Arryn upsets the existing balance of power by occupying new sides of the map. Unique cards revolve around influence and change the gameplay of other houses.

A Game of Thrones: The Board Game – Digital Edition is available to download on Steam for €19,99; iOS for 10,99 euros and Android for 8,99 euros.


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