For series fans, we have an overview of all the interesting series starts and season continuations in July. In order to avoid spoilers, we describe the series in general so that interested parties can later enter a new series without worries.

Stranger Things - Season 3 from July 04.07th.

Sci-Fi / Mystery series: A series whose story is set in the 80s. At the center is a group of children who are involved in secret experiments and dangerous supernatural phenomena.
Official trailer for season 3 in German
How it all began: excerpt from season 1 in German

Suits - Season 7 from July 12.07th.

Drama series: A college dropout impresses the most successful lawyer in town with his razor-sharp mind and is hired by him despite the lack of a law degree.

Official trailer for Season 7 of Netflix UK in English

House of Money - Part 3 from 19.07.

Thriller series: Eight thieves get locked into the Spanish banknote printing plant to land a big coup. The professor who came up with the plan cleverly manipulates the police.

Official trailer for the third part in German

Queer Eye - Season 4 from 19.07.

Reality tv series: A team called the “Fab Five” share fashion tips with other people and also help with topics such as personal care, food and wine, interior design and culture.

Official trailer for season 1 in English

Orange is the new Black - Season 7 from July 26.07th.

Comedy / Drama Series: The well-off New Yorker Piper ends up in the women's gym, as she is overtaken by an almost statute-barred crime from the past.

Official trailer for season 7 in English
Official trailer for season 1 in German