The crowdfunding campaign for the space shooter Everspace 2 is only running for a few days; the project has not yet been successfully financed. For the Hamburg developers of Rockfish Games, this should come as a surprise, after all, the predecessor was able to score with fans and critics. PC gamers seem especially critical when it comes to Kickstarter campaigns. With the release of a new vlog and further details about the game, Rockfish Games is on the final spurt to get the stuttering space box back on track.

So far, fans have put around 350.000 euros into the crowdfunding campaign for Everspace 2. The proud sum is not enough for a successful financing. It has to be 100.000 euros more by November 4th for Rockfish Games to achieve its target. 

The formula for success: a lot of “awesome shit”

Anyone who observes the status on the Kickstarter page of Everspace 2 can see movement. The counter is ticking in the right direction, but the Rockfish Games team doesn't have much time left. The campaign ends on November 4th, by then at the latest the Hamburgers must have collected the targeted 450.000 euros. 

In a new video, the creators now present more details about Everspace 2:


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There should be at least eight star systems in the full version of Everspace 2 - and thus enough space in which players can let off steam. Locations designed by hand should be explored by players in the open world and encounter bizarre residents. Rockfish Games takes the community's wishes seriously and delivers more exotic plants and creatures in the sequel to Everspace. 

In addition, procedurally generated locations await the visit of human species in the star systems. Diversity and variety are the focus of Everspace 2. A combination of fixed and procedural levels should ensure the best possible gaming experience and at the same time enable a lively game world with countless trading stations, shipyards and secret locations. The advantage of the mixture: a visual quality that is not possible with purely procedurally generated game worlds in this form.

It should be particularly interesting for fans that the wish to be able to fly down to planetary surfaces has also come true. For this purpose, the developers want to create planetary levels by hand with a view to maximum visual quality and control over the gameplay. So that the approach does not become boring for experienced space pilots, gravity and air resistance as well as new enemy types should provide challenges. 

Everspace 2 is visually impressive and playfully challenging. Image: Rockfish Games

Everspace 2 is visually impressive and playfully challenging. Image: Rockfish Games

There are also several innovations waiting for the pilots in space: Huge enemy ships can be fought from within and with the help of interactive level elements. In this way, weak points can be exploited in a targeted manner in order to maximize the damage output. In any case, the fights should be more exciting and varied. Rockfish Games has developed the enemy AI from the ground up.

“The feedback from space enthusiasts, the games press and influencers on our vision and the demo of Everspace 2 has been overwhelmingly positive. Nevertheless, according to evaluation of over
20.000 comments on game sites and our social media channels, a possible exclusivity in the Epic Games Store, which has never been seriously considered from our side, is currently the main concern in the PC gaming community.
Michael Schade, CEO and Co-Founder of Rockfish Games 

Rockfish Games would like to clarify that Everspace 2 will be released first on Steam as promised. The studio has already had many positive experiences with Steam Early Access with its predecessor. "This is where our most loyal fans live, and of course we won't disappoint them under any circumstances," says Rockfish CEO Michael Schade. The same applies to Valve, by far the most important distribution partner of the Hamburg company.

Shooting and looting: Equipment plays a major role in Everspace 2. Image: Rockfish Games

Shooting and looting: Equipment plays a major role in Everspace 2. Image: Rockfish Games

The Kickstarter isn't going as well as hoped, but the Rockfish Games team still believes in the campaign's success. They want to realize the dream of an open-world space shooter RPG together with the community. How this is supposed to work in such a short time is obvious to Michael Schade: We still have a lot of great shit in store that our fans will love.”

The Kickstarter campaign, which is currently around 350.000 euros, is about this Link. If Rockfish Games can find the funding and meet the schedule, Everspace 2 will be released in the second half of 2022 for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. The early access phase to Everspace 2, on the other hand, should start at the end of 2020.

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