The biggest source of income for online casinos today are certainly the slots. But not only for the casinos, but also for the numerous gamers around the world. Certainly only a few reasons why the casinos also offer such a large selection of different slot machines.

A popular slot machine, for example, is the free Sizzling Hot Slot. But there are many other games that promise the player high profits or are just fun. We would like to introduce what these are in the following article.

Mega Moolah - No jackpot is higher

You probably won't find a slot machine with a higher jackpot like Mega Moolah on the Internet. Millions of dollars in profits have already been paid out here. Microgaming has chosen a cute theme with the slot and the progressive jackpot makes the game even more interesting.

Since all players pay into the jackpot here, it builds up correspondingly quickly and has provided the highest jackpot of all time in recent years. Almost 18 million euros were paid out at that time. It is certainly worth testing this machine once.

Mega Fortune ensures high profits

Mega Fortune is all about money, luxury and wealth. Before Mega Moolah, this slot still held the record for the highest jackpot played. More than 17 million euros were paid out to a player. This makes playing the lottery really boring. The jackpot game is played here with three bonus symbols and comes from the manufacturer NetEnt. The game can be found in many online casinos.

The biggest hits in the online casino
Online casinos are booming, especially on mobile devices. Smartphones or tablets are becoming trendy alternatives to conventional casino visits thanks to effective game adaptations.

The Reel Rush money machine

On average, the ATMs have between 5 and 50 paylines. Some machines even offer more than 200. That's huge. Here NetEnt thought that more is even better. Because here the gamer will find 3125 ways to win on the five reels. When the game is started, not all symbols are active. If there is a win, new ways to win are automatically opened with additional symbols. An additional effort is not necessary for this. The more lines are activated, the higher the winnings can be in the end. If you manage to activate all paylines, you will get eight free spins and can get started. The maximum win here is 480.000 times the original stake. That can really be seen.

It takes a bit of getting used to - pipeliner

The Merkur Slot Pipeliner is innovative and risky. Here the gamer will only find 5 win lines on three reels, but the structure is different here. At first glance, the slot looks a bit dated. However, there are hexagonal fields that have to be connected with connectors. This leads to 174 paylines which can bring in a relatively high profit. The gemstones or alchemists help here. Of course, the well-known risk ladder is not missing here either.

However, there are numerous other slots to be found on the Internet that can make the player a millionaire. Many manufacturers like NetEnt, Microgaming or Merkur offer players different slots with high winnings. The advantage of most slots is that they are very easy to play. Nobody has to prepare for a long period of getting used to it. Make a bet, spin and win.

In most casinos, the player is also given the opportunity to test the slots for free. So every player can first convince himself of the respective game and test it without risk. And the next favorite game is sure to be found that quickly. Add a little luck and the next millionaire may soon be born. The chances are not worse here than with the lottery. But it's definitely more fun.