The MinD game award is awarded annually by the Mensa Association in Germany, the network of gifted people. 
A jury will then determine a total of three categories 
a nomination round the winners. This year the publishers are happy
 Pegasus Games about the awards from Azul and Clans of Caledonia 
and the author Dieter Stein for winning the two-player category.

Double award for Pegasus

The success of the Hessian publishing house based in Friedberg will continue in 2019: Azul has won the MinD game award 2019 in the "short duration" category, Magic Maze took third place, a top ranking.
The “complex game” category, on the other hand, won Clans of Caledonia, a distribution product from Pegasus Spiele.

In addition to the price for the "Game of the Year 2018“Azul continues to make a name for itself. The tactical placement game impresses with its successful optics as well as its exciting and innovative game mechanics. The aim of the players is to embellish the walls of the Portuguese royal palace with colorful tiles. The right choice of tiles is crucial.

The publishing house Pegasus Spiele celebrates winning the double award. Image: Pegasus
The publishing house Pegasus Spiele celebrates winning the double award. Image: Pegasus

Magic Maze, which was nominated for Game of the Year in 2017, also landed in third place. The cooperative real-time game by Kasper Lapp lets players slip into the roles of courageous mythical creatures. They can only find the exit from the shopping center if they work together. But be careful, talking to each other is not allowed and time is running against the group. Magic Maze is and will remain a turbulent and exciting game for the whole family.

In the “complex game” category at the MinD game award 2019, Clans of Caledonia - distributed by Pegasus Spiele - took first place. The economy game by author Juma Al-JouJou is set in 19th century Scotland.
Here the players embody historical clans with individual skills. The competition for the production, trade and export of agricultural goods is rekindled in this game.

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