Video games usually provide hours of gaming fun. Most will remember the days of fun playing through their favorite titles. Anyone who understands this euphoria also knows the feeling when you have completed your favorite game. An emptiness that you also know from watching your favorite series or a great film.

To delay this emptiness for at least a few hours, minigames and bonus levels are a tried and tested means. For gamers, the discovery of such additional content is therefore one of the most beautiful experiences and ensures pure joy. In addition to a welcome change and excitement, these bonuses provide additional time in the fictional game world.

Streetfighter was famous for the bonus level that allowed you to smash barrels or cars instead of an opponent. Super Mario Bros. 3 also brought more entertainment to the game with its memory game. Such bonus rounds can be easily integrated into video games and the possibilities for installation are diverse.

Mini casino games represented in open world games

Especially in large games such as open world games, they are often used to incorporate entertaining side activities. One genre that is becoming increasingly popular are mini-casino games, which above all invite you to briefly switch off between all the action.

Following the example of Online casinos with real money Well-known machine and table games can be found in numerous video games. Whereby it is mostly about winnings in in-game currency or attractive prizes in the form of coveted items from the game world. It is hardly surprising that so many smaller casino rounds can be found in games. After all, the two concepts go well together. Gambling can accentuate the storytelling so that it fits well into different storylines.

So how about a list of the best casino games in video games?

Casino in Fallout New Vegas

It starts with one of the most impressive video role-playing games to be found in casinos. It all takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. The futuristic scenario is balanced with retro elements from Las Vegas, which makes it appear all the more real. Imagine a major war between China and the US involving the use of nuclear weapons. After the destruction, the United States will of epidemics and greed haunted. Control has fallen into the wrong hands and the oppressors are making life difficult.

The game is played as a courier whose job it is to travel to New Vegas to deliver an important package. You cannot do this without overcoming a few obstacles along the way. Especially when you play in hardcore mode, these are quite challenging.

With Vegas featured as one of the main themes, gambling is an integral part of the game. There are many casinos to be seen in the area, including various mini-games to explore. The virtual casinos lure with low deposits that help to win money. In the game, this is required for important items in order to progress. The employees will also pamper the protagonist with food and drink after a win in order to restore health in the game. In addition to slots, you can also play roulette and blackjack.

Casino games in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

GTA is one of the most popular action game series in the world. GTA: San Andreas was launched in 2004 as a Part of the video game series released for PlayStation 2. Many critics list it as one of the best game stories of all time. It is characterized above all by the adventurous setting with a healthy dose of realism in it.

Carl Johnson, the main character, returns to Los Santos - a city full of corruption, drugs and gang problems. Corrupt cops accuse Carl of murder. So he begins to drive through the state of San Andreas in an attempt to bring justice back onto the streets.

Gambling fits perfectly into this atmosphere. When Carl arrives in Las Venturas (a city based on Las Vegas) he can play poker, wheel of fortune, slot machines, and blackjack. The winnings in GTA dollars are crucial for further gameplay.

Casino breaks in watchdogs

When Watchdogs was released, the hype about the game began immediately. Many gamers hesitated to try it out. It was feared that it could not do justice to the vortex. But Watchdogs lived up to the previous hype - and more.

The setting is Chicago in 2013, but in a fictionalized version. Up to 8 players work together and compete against each other to make their way through the stages of the game. In the 3rd person game you act as the main character Aiden Pearce. Aiden uses his smartphone for everything: accessing and clearing other people's bank accounts, infiltrating security systems, controlling traffic lights and trains, and hacking various systems by solving puzzles.

You can get all the information via your smartphone. Screenshot: Spielpunkt

You can get all the information via your smartphone. Screenshot: Spielpunkt

Mini casino breaks are always possible during the entire course of the game. For many players they are extremely attractive. It's like taking small breaks from work to play a round at the casino. It provides a thrill and yet you relax from all the stress of the main story. Aiden can also win some money. This is necessary to complete the daily challenges of the game.

Fortune telling cards in Final Fantasy VIII

Is there a passionate gamer who didn't enjoy the Final Fantasy series? It's a classic and offers countless hours of action-packed gameplay. Final Fantasy VIII was released back in 1999 and is still fun. Currently, PlayStation is offering the remastered version at an affordable price.

The plot of this chapter involves a mini-game of chance called Triple Triad. According to the story, the magician Olan developed tarot cards for gambling. These should be used by soldiers for entertainment between battles. Each area in the game developed its own version of Triple Triad. In essence, it is a minimum deposit game of chance based on fortune telling cards. It has specific rules that vary from region to region.

Your own casino in Sims 3

Sims is all about mini-games within the main storyline. The third sequel was released in 2009 and received nothing but praise from the gaming community. The best thing about this game is that you can control the fate of fictional characters through the actions. So you can let your imagination run wild.

The casino in Sims 3 is offered as an add-on. Those who purchase it can play blackjack, roulette, slot machines, and poker. It works just like an online casino, but with no real money.

As a player, you can also set up your own casino. You can decide almost everything yourself. From the architecture of the building to the games offered, the options are freely selectable.


The variations when adding additional entertainment to the main plot of the games are varied. In many games, gambling is a popular pastime of the fictional characters and in some settings also gives the players advantages, for example in the form of cash winnings from the in-game currency. So it's no wonder this particular type of mini-game is so widespread.