Grimspire want to introduce two new characters for Dice Throne and release the hero box Santa vs. Krampus in German. Christmas could be less contemplative than ever before.

The already 16 characters from the first two seasons of Dice Throne are joined by two new ones, two very special ones: Santa Claus and his somewhat less friendly counterpart Krampus. In December 2022, Dice Throne: Santa vs. Krampus will be delivered after successful crowdfunding - just in time for Christmas. So there should be plenty of trouble under some of the festive trees this year. From a purely playful point of view.

Santa in "not so nice anymore"

But even the nice, chubby man in red is suddenly no longer so nice when it comes to throwing the dice and prefers to give out a spanking rather than gifts. Equipped with a double ax and eggnog, he fights everyone who could endanger Christmas. Krampus, on the other hand, knows how to get by with an arm made of neglected toys.

The two heroes can be combined with all other characters to play Dice Throne with up to six people: 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or free-for-all. You can also use them in the cooperative expansion Dice Throne: Adventures, the project for which is also currently running in the game company and has already reached its financing goal. For adventures - or also as Christmas decorations - there are already painted miniatures of the two protagonists in the Santa vs. Krampus project in addition to several extras.

If you want to secure your own copy of the game and the different options, the project can still be done until August 4th in the game forge.

The campaign has already successfully reached its financing goal and even exceeded it. The makers already have around 20.000 euros in the bag, at least 7.500 euros were planned. Over 370 supporters are participating.

It's in the forge

In any case, things seem to be going well at the game forge with the various crowdfundings. Funds are currently being collected for nine projects, seven of which have already reached their set targets: Day 6, Blacksmith Shirts 2022, Dice Throne: Santa vs. Krampus, Mind MGMT, Dice Throne: Adventures, Dungeon Drop and Belaad. Farm Club and Western Legends are not there yet.

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