The German version of the dice game Dice Throne is being crowdfunded at the Spieleschmiede - and it is successful. Almost three quarters of the financing amount has already been raised by around 300 supporters to make the project a success. It is therefore very likely that the campaign will ultimately reach the target market of 72.000 euros.

With Dice Throne, Roxley Games had a Kickstarter success at the time: they only wanted to collect 15.000 US dollars in order to be able to implement the fantasy dice game. In the end, over 3.600 backers invested a total of more than 180.000 US dollars. But that's not all: Dice Throne - Season Two was far more successful - the campaign brought in over 730.000 US dollars, the equivalent of a little over 600.000 euros.

Dice Throne: Grimspire is putting together packages

Compared to the Kickstarter sums, the crowdfunding campaign of the games offensive almost looks like a low-budget project. Nevertheless, fans have taken the pricing as an opportunity for criticism. The basic game is too expensive, it was said several times on social media; The "all-in" package was more attractive in terms of price, but many fans still did without support for the gaming fun offered.

You can argue about taste, the price has a reason: "In the Dice Throne shop, a hero box currently costs 25 US dollars - the latest, Treant vs Ninja Rerolled, even 28 US dollars," says crowdfunding project manager Sven Göhlich. Grimspire is also aiming for an RRP of 25 euros per box.

Otherwise, it's basically more of a price war à la 'David versus Goliath', which you can hardly win at the game company: "There's no question that a Kickstarter, in which almost 8.000 people take part, ensures a better circulation, we can't compete with that “, explains Sven Göhlich. But: "The all-in level is extremely attractive in terms of price."

Frank Noack explained why this is the case in a comment: The production is very special and the quantities and constellations of the articles and article quantities are fairly rigidly defined so that the project can function at all. “Especially the many special cubes cause a lot of headaches. That's why everything is only possible by season and, if possible, in such a way that many people also take both seasons, because in the end it has to be produced in the right proportion".

Roxley Games initially had quality concerns. Grimspire should first take care of the localization. This is related to the lack of “adventures”, since crowdfunding could also follow if crowdfunding is successful. "Unfortunately I can't say yet when Adventures will be in the forge," says Sven Göhlich on Facebook.

Around 70.000 euros have to be collected in order to produce the German version of Dice Throne. Image: Grimspire / Roxley Games

Around 70.000 euros have to be collected in order to produce the German version of Dice Throne. Image: Grimspire / Roxley Games

Even if some critics describe Dice Throne as a "better gimmick", the game is comparatively well received overall. At Boardgamegeek, for example, the average rating is 7.8.

Dice Throne is a fast, strategic game in which two to six players, ages eight and up, compete against each other with their characters using dice and the tactical use of their cards. Depending on the number of players, it is possible to play 1 against 1, 2 against 2, 3 against 3 or everyone against everyone in the arena.

The focus is on the characters - divided into seasons: Each character plays differently and has individual skills and attacks that players can activate by combining the different dice. By playing cards you can manipulate thrown dice, trigger status effects or your abilities in the course of the game

And then there is the "Battle Chest" as a lure. The deluxe box could be realized in the game forge if enough supporters participate, since the minimum edition for this is very high, the project website reveals. However, a value in numbers is not given, not even when asked. At least on this point, things remain exciting: "The improvement goal becomes public as soon as the financing goal has been reached," says project manager Göhlich.

The dice game costs 90 euros each for season 1 or 2, an all-in package costs as part of the Dice Throne crowdfunding campaign 179 euros. For 479 euros there is an all-round carefree package that includes all 16 heroes, card sleeves and 20 playmats. Currently over 50.000 euros of the required 72.000 euros have already been generated through the campaign.

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