For the toy fair in Nuremberg, January 30th to February 3rd, appears at 
Pegasus Play the dice game HexRoller from distributor Frosted Games.
The brisk and entertaining dice game is aimed primarily at beginners and is also suitable as a family game and as a souvenir game.

Mixture of luck and tactics

At the dice game HexRoller by Rustan Håkansso, it all comes down to the right mix of luck and tactics. According to the rules, players only have seven rounds to tactically select the best numbers from eight dice and enter them in the hex fields of their game slip.

The same numbers must adjoin: This gradually creates connections to numbers that have already been printed on. If you manage to fill in the colored areas, you will win the brisk games. HexRoller offers not only simple, easily accessible rules, but also a fluid and entertaining gameplay. With a playing time of around 15 minutes, individual games are played quickly.

Thanks to a clever scoring mechanism, not only newcomers get their money's worth, but also experienced board players, because through skilful tactics, an even better number of points can be achieved in every game.

Da HexRoller can also be played with up to eight people, dice fun is guaranteed for almost every occasion.

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