Diablo Immortal will be released on June 2nd for Android and iOS and as an open beta for PC. And Blizzard is looking at the cards a bit in terms of campaign or post-launch content. The length of the campaign is particularly surprising.

Diablo Immortal is on the home stretch, the free-to-play title for smart devices and PC is almost out. Shortly before the release, senior game designer Scott Burgess has some information for the fans – in an interview with Gamesport he commented on the length of the campaign, among other things. And that provided a little surprise.

Diablo Immortal: Campaign with around 20 hours

The joy of the launch of Diablo Immortal is great among the fans, but there are also concerns. Loot boxes, the fear of pay-to-win, too little long-term motivation - some players still doubt the idea of ​​​​the in-between Diablo title. Apparently, players do not have to worry about too little content. As Scott Burgess reports, the Diablo Immortal campaign will last around 20 hours of play – and new content will also be provided after the release. Blizzard is working on that.

According to Burgess, new content for Diablo Immortal will be released on a regular basis. The goal is to release a new dungeon or game zone every few months. This will then give players access to brand new content, which may also include new story elements.

All roadmaps with all future content updates for Diablo Immortal are not yet available, at least none have been officially revealed. It is unclear if and when the developers will publish a timetable. However, game designer Scott Burgess made it clear that the release of Diablo Immortal left out some content that would be added by patches.

Diablo Immortal is also apparently not a "Diablo Light". Sturgess considers the title to be a "real Diablo game". However, the work should also be aimed at newcomers to the franchise. The frame is known to fans: Diablo Immortal is also dark and gloomy, according to Sturgess. The game will therefore offer lower barriers to entry, but should also appeal to series connoisseurs in terms of style and gameplay.

And pay to win? Sturgess stated he played the beta without spending a penny. The game should be fun for everyone, including those players who experience their adventures completely free of charge. However, concerns remain about some mechanics: For example, there are legendary crests that can be bought to guarantee legendary gem drops from the Rifts. This, combined with the drop rate, is causing some players to frown. This is also supported by other systems that could encourage the issuance of real money.

Diablo Immortal will be released on June 2nd for PC, iOS and Android. The pre-load has been available since last week.

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