Despite all criticism: For Blizzard, the mobile game Diablo Immortal is apparently proving to be a good source of income. As reported by GameDev-Reports based on information from the AppMagic data site, sales should be in the tens of millions. Specifically, Blizzard is said to have already generated around 24 million US dollars in revenue.

Diablo Immortal, the first mobile game from the Diablo series, was released in early June. Fans have waited a long time, in the meantime disillusionment has spread among some players. This is mainly due to the criticized monetization that brought Diablo Immortal scathing user reviews. The mobile game received a meager 0,4 points from around 5.500 ratings on the Metacritic platform. The ratings of the specialist magazines and websites are significantly better, but not consistently good.

Diablo Immortal: $24 million in revenue?

For Blizzard, Diablo Immortal could turn out to be a money printing machine despite or perhaps because of the monetization model tailored to the endgame. The game is said to have brought in $24,3 million in revenue to the developers so far - divided into around $13 million from the Apple Store and $11,3 million from the Google Play Store. The fans are particularly generous in the United States, where around 44 percent of total sales are generated. Then, according to AppMagic, follow South Korea, Japan and Germany.

Diablo Immortal was downloaded more than eight million times in the first two weeks - the peak was reached in the first few days after publication. This indicates that many fans were already looking forward to the start. At least in terms of ranking, the distribution corresponds to that of the sales analysis. Most downloads are in the US (26 percent), then South Korea (11 percent), Japan, Germany (each 8 percent) and Canada (7 percent). Three days after the release - on June 5th - the download curve started to decrease again - since then the number of installations has been falling every day. Incidentally, the numbers from AppMagic do not include the PC version, which Blizzard probably counted. Blizzard's official numbers show over ten million installations as early as June 10th.

However, the sales figures are not official. Here you will have to wait and see what Activision Blizzard will publish in its next financial report on figures.

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