Diablo Immortal will be released on June 2nd for Android and iOS and as an open beta for the PC - but by no means everywhere. Some fans look into the tube. There is a legal reason for this: Due to the strict legislation on gambling, Diablo Immortal will not be released in the Netherlands and Belgium because of the loot boxes.

The launch of Diablo Immortal is inevitable - it officially starts on June 2nd. Some players may even be able to play earlier, others not at all at first. Our neighbors in the Netherlands and Belgium are affected. Nothing is likely to work there at Diablo Immortal at first.

Diablo Immortal: Loot boxes as a point of contention

It's confusing for fans: in the Netherlands and Belgium you can pre-register for Diablo Immortal, but you won't be able to play. Blizzard had already confirmed that: a communications manager from Activitvion-Blizzard Benelux made it clear that the game will not be available in the two countries mentioned. The reason for this is the current “operating requirements in these countries”. This means the loot boxes, because both the Netherlands and Belgium have significantly stricter gambling laws than, for example, Germany.

There the loot boxes also fall under the regulations. Players will therefore not be able to install Diablo Immortal. Put simply, one could even say: Diablo Immortal is banned in the Netherlands and Belgium. The loot boxes violate applicable law. Blizzard could only circumvent this by removing loot boxes or adjusting the system or changing the gambling restrictions. The latter is currently not foreseeable.

Tricky fans could now download Diablo Immortal in France or Germany. However, that is illegal, as a Blizzard employee confirmed.

Diablo Immortal will be released on June 2nd for PC, iOS and Android. The pre-load has been available since last week.


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