The release of Diablo 4 is getting closer and closer. When the new offshoot of the Hack'n Slay series will appear is still uncertain. At least Blizzard seems to be making progress with the development. In quarterly reports the team informs about the development progress and is not stingy with new information about Diablo 4. This time it's about storytelling, the open game world and the multiplayer part of the action RPG.

Diablo 4 was officially announced last year. The action RPG is unlikely to appear in the near future. The development time for games from Blizzard is always comparatively long. So when the release of Diablo 4 is scheduled remains a well-kept secret in hell. After all: Blizzard has now published further details on Diablo 4 in a development update. It's the second more extensive report on the new Action-RPG.

Diablo 4: Blizzard introduces game region

With the new update, Blizzard focuses on the game world, but there is also an innovation regarding the way in which Blizzard wants to advance the story in Diablo 4. Dialogues in particular should draw players deeper into the game and appear less stiff. Among other things, Blizzard will manually adjust the camera setting in order to be able to present important story moments accordingly.

You won't meet other human players all the time. Copyright: Blizzard

You won't meet other human players all the time. Copyright: Blizzard

So far - and this is Diablo 3 meant - conversations were comparatively boring affairs that were presented in the same way throughout the entire gaming experience. Now more complex story backgrounds should also be presented in a more complex way. In the end, this means that Blizzard will actually focus the camera on the protagonists during dialogues and not just stage the dialogues through text windows. In addition, there are real-time cutscenes, the camera settings of which are more reminiscent of a film. In detail, this means that the player character is displayed in their actual look, i.e. including their currently dressed equipment.

Open steppe world

Of the total of five game regions that will be in Diablo 4, Blizzard has now presented one in more detail: the dry steppe. This time, Diablo 4 relies on an open game world in which camps will play a major role. This has to be freed from monsters so that NPCs can settle there. This element also contributes to the fact that the world of Diablo 4 adapts to the progress. Others should also be able to recognize when a player has mastered certain challenges - then from the rewards that are triggered, such as special mounts.

Camera perspectives will contribute to the storytelling of Diablo 4. Copyright: Blizzard

Camera perspectives will contribute to the storytelling of Diablo 4. Copyright: Blizzard

In the end, this should mean more freedom for players. If you want to take a break from the campaign, you can do so and instead explore the world, do crafts or shorten your time with PvP.

The multiplayer part of Diablo 4 is directly influenced by this. You shouldn't constantly meet other players. Blizzard thinks that's the wrong way to go with a Diablo title because then Diablo wouldn't feel like Diablo anymore. While you're on the road, you'll meet players here and there, but Blizzard sees dungeons or story sequences in particular as more of a "private moment". Open-world events, on the other hand, are then again the prototype of multiplayer scenes. But you should be forced if you can choose whether to join a group or not. If you want to spend time with other players, you should be able to use the appropriate tools to find a group. Blizzard has all the details here published.

Diablo 4 appears for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. However, neither a release date nor a possible period are known.

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