As part of the development of Diablo 4, Blizzard Entertainment is celebrating a premiere: For the first time, the developers have presented their progress in one of the announced quarterly reports. At its core, it's about the user interface and the so-called “bestiary”, i.e. the monsters present in the game. There is some news about Diablo 4, but there is still no: Indications of a date for the release.  

Perhaps the most important announcement for Diablo 4 as part of the developer update: There will be a local multiplayer mode, also known as couch co-op. In Diablo 4, two players can maneuver their heroes across the screen at the same time - this time also with a gamepad, because the new offshoot also supports the control hardware. 

Diablo 4: gamepads and couch co-op - have fun?

Even if some Diablo fans who have played Hack'n Slay on the PC so far probably bite into the edge of the table: Diablo 4 can also be played using a gamepad. This is also evident from the first developer update for the player.

The decision is consistent, after all, it already worked very well with Diablo 3 on the console and, in conjunction with the local game mode, ensured a lot of fun in front of the home screen. It is therefore at least as consistent that Blizzard will also use the couch co-op mode for Diablo 4. Perhaps the mode can even be used for PvP; Blizzard announced for PvP in Diablo 4 that “Interesting approaches” in development are located.

The inventory including the character view in Diablo 4. Image: Blizzard

The inventory at Diablo 4. Image: Blizzard

Blizzard confirms that exactly this mode, which has been available for Diablo 3 since the AddOn Reaper of Souls, has been well received: "We know that the couch co-op mode in Reaper of Souls has been enjoyed by many players", write the developers, who are now working on ensuring that players can access their inventory independently of one another - while the partner can continue playing. That was what really disturbed fans at the D3 couch co-op and interrupted the flow of the game.

If you want, you can also play Diablo 4 in a “classic” way, alone and with a mouse and keyboard. In the PC version it should even be possible to separate the commands for attack and movement on the left mouse button. How exactly this should work is not clear. Not even how that will affect the pace of the game. After all: Blizzard seems to want to consciously break new ground. 

Diablo 4: Monster families are coming

Monster design has always been a hobbyhorse of games from the Diablo series. Now, in Diablo 4, there could be more diversity within what Blizzard calls them, monster families. Each family should differ in terms of their fighting style and archetypes - including the special abilities of the monsters, such as close-range or long-range combat or even boss monsters.

The behavior of the monsters will also differ according to their classification, different archetypes should even act tactically among each other, something with regard to their battle line-up. Blizzard wants to make every fight feel “a little different”.

As an example, Blizzard presents the cannibal family, which consists of four members, in the first developer update for Diablo 4. Each member has their own weapons and can be seen to differ in their shape. The combat tactics are also different: This results in situational options for the player. Blizzard reveals more details on the official Website.


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In Diablo 4 fans fight their way through the world of Sanctuary, with procedurally created cave sections, but also an overworld where you can meet other human players. In the update, the developers reveal a lot of news about the new offshoot of the popular Hack'n Slay series, but not what fans are probably most interested in: the date of the release of Diablo 4.

The game should appear for Windows PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4 - at least that's what the developers are currently planning.

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