Ironically, the Diablo 4 leak comes from an advertisement for a new Diablo artbook. Fans wait a long time for a sign of life to the successor to Diablo 3, now there is one - but accidentally. An illustrated book containing artwork from Diablo, Diablo II, Diablo III and Diablo IV will be available from November. Wait: Diablo 4? In fact, the text passage leaves no room for doubt: the new offshoot of the hack-and-slash is coming. Quite surprisingly. However, there is no release date yet. 

Ironically, Blizzard Entertainment, the marketing kings, accidentally leaked a future mega-hit through an ad meant to announce a new art book. However, because it is said to also contain images from Diablo 4, the development of the game seems to have progressed further than might be expected. At least there will probably be concept drawings for Diablo 4. An announcement of Diablo 4 at the in-house trade fair "BlizzCon" is more than likely.

This is how marketing works: An advertisement announces Diablo 4

The announcement reads full-bodied: "With over 500 artworks from Diablo, Diablo II, Diablo III and Diablo IV, this book presents numerous remarkable works of art [...]". That's what it says in an advertisement, of which there is also a photo in the official Blizzard forum. This ad is in the new edition of the Gamestar included.

Much more remarkable than the artbook itself is the mention of Diablo 4. So far, Blizzard has focused on the mobile game Diablo Immortal and has not communicated anything about a real successor to Diablo III - not even in the run-up to BlizzCon. It is now almost certain that the Californians will at least officially announce Diablo 4. The first artwork may even be shown. 

The user "Avalon" shared this photo on the official Blizzard forum. (Source). Photo: Avalon

User Avalon shared this photo on the official Blizzard forums. ( ). Photo: Avalon

The illustrated book will be published punctually after Blizzard's in-house exhibition on November 3rd. Presumably, the studio will not allow itself another PR disaster on the subject of Diablo 4. Last year, Blizzard had already drawn the displeasure of fans because instead of Diablo 4, only a mobile offshoot from the Diablo universe was announced. At this point, however, Diablo 4 was probably long in development.

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Now fans all over the world are hoping that Blizzard will use the popularity of BlizzCon to announce the expected news for Diablo 4 - then as usual in the typical Blizzard show framework. And this time to applause instead of boos.

Despite the leak, an announcement is not certain, even if a text error is rather unlikely. At the beginning of November, fans will know more: BlizzCon 1 will take place at the Anaheim Convention Center on November 2st and 2019nd.

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