The Diablo 4 release date remains a mystery. According to current statements from Allen Adham to EDGE magazine, it is certain that there will finally be PvP again. Blizzard's co-founder spoke of the fact that the developers are currently working on “interesting mechanics” for PvP battles. Presumably there will be zones in the open game world in which players can attack other players - whether surprisingly or with the necessary mutual consent remains to be seen.

With Diablo 4, Blizzard seems to want to turn the gameplay on the left anyway. An open game world is an innovative step for the “Hack 'n Slay” series, now exciting PvP could actually be added as a game mechanic. Blizzard co-founder Allen Adham spoke about the current state of development in the player-versus-player segment.

Diablo: Always thought about PvP

Accordingly, PvP is an essential part of Diablo 4 and important for the developers. PvP will therefore not only be part of the action role-playing game as a superimposed game element. Co-founder Allen Adham said PvP has been a factor since the original Diablo. However, the first considerations were only implemented with Diablo 2, when it was said for players: "We'll meet outside of the village!" 

Due to the different classes, balancing in PvP in particular could be a challenge. Image: Blizzard (Youtube)

Due to the different classes, balancing in PvP in particular could be a challenge. Image: Blizzard (Youtube)

Diablo 3 also had player battles, but only in the form of duels. With Diablo 4, Blizzard wants to introduce “real PvP” again and is currently developing “some really interesting approaches”, according to Adham. Since Adham makes direct reference to the PvP mechanics from Diablo 2, it can be assumed that some kind of open PvP option could find its way into the game. According to the Blizzard co-founder, the development of the PvP prototype is not right at the beginning: “We're in the middle of prototyping […]”.

In any case, PvP in the open game world would fit the basic concept. In contrast to its predecessors, Diablo 4 is closer to an MMO than to a classic online action role-playing game. There will be trade between players, open world events including world bosses and probably also a crafting system. Various modes could also be implemented for the PvP area - as well as special rewards.

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Even if the developers for the “Diablo 4” PvP are already working on some mechanics, nothing is final. It is likely that ideas will continue to be collected, of which only the most meaningful actually make it into the game. At least as important is a good balance due to the different gameplay mechanics of the classes. And especially balancing is always a very special topic at Blizzard.

Diablo 4 is currently being developed for PC and consoles, there is no release date yet. An announcement is not expected anytime soon. Possibly could one Diablo 4 beta start next year. 

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