Choosing a class in Diablo 2 Resurrected is the first decision players will have to make after the release of Blizzard's nostalgic Hack'n'slay. Choosing the right class determines which path fans will play in a playful way - the decision for a build follows. In doing so, however, errors can be ironed out - albeit at immense costs in some cases. Diablo 2 Resurrected will be released on September 23 for PC and consoles.

As with many games, fans ask themselves again this time: Which is the best class in Diablo 2 Resurrected? One can hardly give a clear answer to this, because the choice of class only determines the armament with which the player will slaughter his way through Sanctuary from now on: The sorceress flashes, fires and freezes hordes of opponents down, but withstands less than the melee classes, of which the barbarian is Representing the middle ground between harm and resilience. The Paladin is suitable for those fans who like to play in groups and want to reinforce companions. The Assassin, who came into play with the Lords of Destruction expansion as well as the Druid, creeps on quietly. The latter masters the magic of nature, can command animals or change his shape himself. The necromancer also relies on companions at the core. The Amazon, on the other hand, is a hybrid of close-range and long-range combat, but with a focus on archery.

One thing can be read from the descriptions: The choice of classes in Diablo 2 Resurrected determines the basic play style, but not necessarily about whether you cause a lot or little damage. This is primarily ensured by the equipment, including Runic equipment.

Diablo 2 Resurrected: Which Classes For Beginners?

In Diablo 2 Resurrected, too, classes emerge that are more suitable as beginner classes than others: Above all, barbarian, sorceress and druid are to be mentioned. The Druid is the typical all-rounder who can introduce you to melee gameplay without having to sacrifice too much defensive skills. The exact opposite is the sorceress, who endures little, but can easily wipe out opponents from a distance. The barbarian is the bully - ostensibly simple, but with plenty of room for skill gimmicks. No matter what you choose when choosing a class for Diablo 2 Resurrected - you should choose carefully and carefully, because a skill reset is not cheap.

Once you have decided on a basic class, the next step is to choose a so-called “build”. This specifies how the skills and character points should be distributed and also determine how the character ultimately plays. The paladin, for example, is not necessarily a pure sword-swinger, he can also focus on holy magic and thus throw the iconic holy hammers around him, for example. Similar to the druid: it can be played as a melee, but it also makes a passable poison wizard.

The druid can change his shape and makes a good hand-to-hand fighter. Image: Blizzard

The druid can change his shape and makes a good hand-to-hand fighter. Image: Blizzard

The gameplay differences are particularly clear with the necromancer: If you concentrate on reinforcing the undead companion, the necromancer plays relatively passively because the commanded creatures do the work. If, on the other hand, you focus on bone magic, then movement and magic suddenly become much more necessary. So what decides whether you have chosen the best class for yourself in Diablo 2 Resurrected is the build you intend to play.

Recommended builds of the classes:

Wind druid: This build is a middle ground between support and offensive.
20 points each belong to: cyclone armor • oak white • whirlwind • tornado • hurricane

Fire druid: A pure DPS build that focuses on elemental attacks.
20 points each belong to: Stream of Fire • Volcano • Armageddon • Molten Boulder • Rift

Hammerdin Paladin: The Hammerdin throws holy hammers.
20 points each belong to: Blessed Hammer • Blessed Aiming • Strength • Concentration • Holy Shield

Smiter paladin: The Smiter combines offensive and defensive.
20 points each belong to: Fist of Heaven - 20 points • Holy lightning - 20 points • Holy shock - 20 points
Remainder: Holy Shield - 10 points • Conviction - 10 points • Shattering - 1 point

Frenzy barbarian: The Frenzy Barb is a real speed monster who wields two weapons at the same time.
20 points each belong to: Frenzy - 20 points • Sword mastery - 20 points • Combat orders - 20 points • Double swing - 20 points • Mockery - 20 points
Rest: Increased speed - 1 point • Combat order - 1 point

Whirlwind barbarian: The whirlwind barbarian relies on resistance and the whirlwind reinforced by attack power.
20 points each belong to: Whirlwind - 20 points • Sword mastery - 20 points • Scream - 20 points • Combat orders - 20 points
Remainder: Natural resistance - 5 points • Increased speed - 5 points • Iron skin - 5 points • Berserker - 1 point • Combat order - 1 point

Bow amazon: The classic - the Amazon as a “ranger”.
20 points each belong to: penalty - 20 points • multiple shot - 20 points • valkyrie - 20 points
Remainder: Pierce - 5 points • Critical hit - 5 points • Pierce - 5 points • Avoid - 5 points • Dodge - 5 points • Dodge - 5 points

Javelin Amazon: Spear-amazon reinforced with lightning.
20 points each belong to: Charged strike - 20 points • Lightning strike - 20 points • Power strike - 20 points
Remainder: Critical Strike - 5 points • Pierce - 5 points • Avoid - 5 points • Dodge - 5 points • Dodge - 5 points

Summoner Necromancer: The necromancer as you know him - with lots of undead companions.
20 points each belong to: Raise the skeleton - 20 points • Raise the corpse explosion - 20 points • Raise the skeleton magician - 20 points • Golem championship - 20 points
Remainder: Critical Strike - 5 points • Pierce - 5 points • Avoid - 5 points • Dodge - 5 points • Dodge - 5 points

Bone Necromancer: A necromancer close to the sorceress. He shoots with bone magic.
20 points each belong to: Bone spear - 20 points • Teeth - 20 points • Bone wall - 20 points • Bone spirit - 20 points • Bone prison - 20 points
Remainder: Tongolem - 1 point • Increase damage - 1 point • Bone armor - 1 point • Revive - 1 point

Orb Sorceress: Enormously powerful, but still not a glass cannon.
20 points each belong to: Fireball - 20 points • Meteor - 20 points • Fire control - 20 points • Frozen ball - 20 points.
Remainder: Firebolt - 1 point • Cold mastery - 5 points • Teleport - 1 point • Frozen armor - 1 point

Trap Assassin: Assassin who works with traps.
20 points each belong to: Death Sentry - 20 points • Wake of Fire - 20 points • Lightning Sentry - 20 points • Fire Blast - 20 points • Wake of Inferno - 20 points

Chaos Assassin: Mixed class with balanced attack and defense, but tricky to play.
20 points each belong to: Shadowmaster - 20 points • Poison - 20 points • Fade - 20 points • Claw mastery - 20 points
Remainder: speed boost - 1 point • kite flight - 1 point • weapon block - 1 point • blade guard - 1 point

The skill trees allow many more builds. Basically, all the powerful builds of the classes in Diablo 2 Resurrected are known because the skills have not changed compared to the original, but if you really want to approach the title in a nostalgic way, you should maybe play your first round without a guide and experiment. So you can find out for yourself what works and what doesn't - that takes time, but is much closer to the feel of the game from back then. Not just the skills and builds, but also the gear and spells add a boost to DPS, but that's another topic.


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