The devcom Developer Conference 2022 announced the program. Over 110 lectures, speeches and discussions will take place on a total of eight stages.

The more than 140 speakers will cover 13 subject areas. The conference will take place on August 22nd and 23rd, 2022 as the first hybrid edition both online and on site in Cologne with a two-day conference program.

Stephan Reichart, Managing Director of devcom GmbH: “The #ddc2022 again offers an extensive program from the most diverse areas of game development, which for the first time is aimed at participants in Cologne and all over the world as a real hybrid experience. I look forward to meeting people locally and online. And the new joint online platform “gamescom biz community” is also growing every day and already has more than 2300 registered users from devcom and gamescom.”

Keynote on Monday: Four-day week 

The conference will kick off on Monday with the keynote by Joe Brammer, co-founder and CEO of Bulkhead. The industry veteran speaks in his keynote "The Truth about the 4 Day Work Week” about the attempt to introduce the four-day week for a studio with 100 employees and what the actual advantages and disadvantages were.

The second day of the conference opened Dana Nightingale, Campaign Director of Arkane Lyon. She reports in "Deathloop's User Research - User Experience Death Loop' about the impact of user surveys on the first few hours of play in Deathloop, and how further research gradually changed the entire game.

Particular attention should be paid to the panel “Against all Odds – Game Dev without Borders" be placed. In this panel, our guests will share personal stories of how they left their home countries due to crises like the ongoing war in Ukraine, how they got help from friends inside and outside the games industry to move, and what bureaucratic challenges they faced had to overcome. The following speakers will take part in the panel: Tim Schroeder, Layal El Fakih, Yasaman Farazan, Lee Hammoud, Fawzi Mesmar, Elena Lobova, Daria Vlasova, Narges Farazan.

The line-up of speakers is also going through Anne Gibeault enriched by Phoenix Labs. She will describe what it means to remake everything at once from the creative director's point of view: Challenge accepted: Building everything at once: New IP, new team, new studio, new processes.

Another highlight of the devcom Developer Conference 2022 is the joint presentation by Yasuyuki Oda and Marie Meyerwall. They light in A Look at the History of “The Kind of Fighters” and Japanese Fighting Games the story of one of the most famous game series. Techland's Lead Game Designer, Tymon Smektala, states in his speech 10 Design Truths I learned from other people – and now I'd like to share them with you important insights from his many years of development work.

The exciting round about Michelle Reade, Jerry Snook, Chris Pierson, Marcy Brown and Ryan Penk by Standing Stone Games also discussed in The Joys & Challenges of Bringing Middle-earth to Life in a Persistent World about the challenges of developing the MMO classic “The Lord of the Rings: Online”.

In addition to lectures and panel discussions, there will again be an extensive supporting program this year. Up-and-coming developers present themselves in the exhibition area  NRW Indie Expo as well as studios from different countries at the Country Pavilion Showcase. The devcom Indie Award honors the small and independent studios for their achievements on Tuesday at 17:30 p.m. in the Europasaal. The devcom Sunset Mixer Party (Monday) and the devcom Indie Developer Night (Tuesday) bring both conference days to a close and also offer relaxed networking opportunities.

An overview of the entire conference program is available via this link:

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