The new offshoot from Portal Games' Detective series will be released on September 17th by Pegasus Spiele. Fans of the crime board game can look forward to three new cases. The spin-off “First Cases” is an independent game that is primarily intended to appeal to beginners. 

The beginner-friendly version Detective: First Cases has a release date: From September 17th, young criminalists can solve exciting cases - based on ability, not age. The award-winning crime board game Detective by Ignacy Trzewiczek is getting a spin-off whose cases can be played through in around 90 minutes. The new offshoot arose from a collaboration between Ignacy Trzewiczek, Marzena Nowak-Trzewiczek and Weronika Spyra.

First cases: investigative work for beginners

You know it from crime series: The first season usually starts off slowly. This is exactly what Detective: First Cases should be like. The board game is aimed primarily at beginners is the genre. The rules have been adapted and simplified, the three available cases can be played separately and independently of one another and are not related to the background story - as in the case of the “original”.

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Each scenario should be able to be completed in around 90 minutes, which means that the playing time is significantly shorter than in the original version of Detective. Unique player characters also take on different roles. The game also comes with something from the “Goodies” category: cards from suspects that fans - according to the creators' idea - should pin on a cork wall and connect them with red threads. This creates even more atmosphere and the feeling of “being a real investigator”. But be careful: the yarn is not included in the play box!

The associated detective app is also being updated, adding new types of evidence for players to consider. Appropriate markings are provided on the game material.

The three cases included are set in different locations: in Boston and Richmond in the US and “somewhere” in the UK. In any case, it's about three corpses, so novice investigators also have to solve homicides with Detective: First Cases.

The crime board game will be available from September 17th and will cost around 25 euros.

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Pegasus Games 57505G - Detective Pegasus Spiele 57505G - Detective (German edition) * 25,79 EUR


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