The Solstice has arrived in the Tower and Eva Levante is throwing a party like no other. To kick off the summer, Guardians from around the world gather to celebrate from July 19th to August 9th.

Guardians who participate in the event will automatically receive revamped Solstice Armor and a chance to receive the new Legendary Stasis Hand Cannon, Something New. If you want to heat up your foes, join the new Bonfire Party activity and fend off waves of enemies to boost your armor with a dazzling glow.


A new line of summery cosmetic items will keep you cool even when enemies are heating up the Guardians - available in Eververse. Players can also pick up a new event card to earn free rewards with an upgrade option that unlocks even more Solstice cosmetic items.

Wardens can acquire a new sigil during the Solstice by completing event challenges to earn the new Flame Warden title and the opportunity to purchase the associated medallion collection pin. After completing the Solstice introductory quest, the exclusive Solstice 2022 shirt is also available. These items are unlocked through the Bungie Rewards program and can be purchased from the Bungie Store.


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