On Tuesday, August 23, Bungie will be streaming the Destiny 2 Showcase, revealing the next expansion in the Light and Darkness saga: Lightfall Season 18, the Arkus 3.0 Subclass Update, and more.

The pre-show starts at 23pm on August 17rd and the main show starts at 18pm. After the showcase there will be a live discussion with the Bungie developers and more.

Multilingual main show

For the first time, this year's main showcase will be offered in multiple languages ​​(French, German, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, and Korean) and will be available through different Twitch channels for each language.

This week Bungie unveiled information about the Arkus 3.0 Focus update, including design inspiration, an overview of the new aspects and fragments, and details on each class and their super, class, and melee abilities. There is more about this in the showcase on August 23.

The Season of the Haunted also ends this week. Fans should definitely check out Calus' ominous message in HELM.

As a foretaste of the showcase, Bungie released a trailer that reveals more about what to expect:

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