Grimspire is crowdfunding the medieval board game Destinies, originally by Lucky Duck Games, to the Spieleschmiede. This basically means that the title will appear in a localized German version. A total of 32.500 euros has been set as the financing target. It is unlikely that this project of all things will fail - the first supporters have already become active as "smiths".

Opinions regarding newly published Kickstarter campaigns should be treated with caution, but the initial reactions to the medieval board game Destinies were so exuberant at the time that this Lucky Duck Games project could hardly have failed. In the end, more than 600.000 US dollars were raised, invested by around 8.900 supporters. The board game caught the attention of fans - and now Grimspire's too.

Destinies: Narrative board game with app support

The launch of Destinies in the game forge has taken place, the first supporters have already pumped amounts of money between 49 and 142 euros into the project, depending on the selected pledge level. For around 50 euros, fans can get the basic game as well as the "Saga and Legends" expansion and all the improvements that have been made, including a sorting aid or double-layered player boards. If you want access to more add-ons, you have to dig deeper into your pocket and invest 79 or even 142 euros.

Destinies invites one to three players, ages 14 and up, to take part in competitive medieval adventures. The highlight of Destinies is the associated app, which takes on the role of the game master. The focus for players is to immerse themselves in the story and to face the constantly changing course of the game. Decisions that players make have a direct impact; the world is constantly changing. This goes so far that individual characters even evoke different reactions from characters in the game.

Destinies is competitive, but still uses strong story elements. Copyright: Grimspire

Destinies is competitive, but still uses strong story elements. Copyright: Grimspire


In the end, this should benefit the long-term entertainment value: The course of the story can be different with each game, so each scenario can be played several times and approached in different ways. It's not a coincidence: Lucky Duck Games wanted Times of Legends: Destinies - the game is compatible with Time of Legends: Joan of Arc - to be a title that you can pull off the shelf again and again on game nights and experience again and again. So that you can also play with changing casts, the title contains self-contained individual scenarios, one in the basic game and three more in the "Saga and Legends" expansion.

Destinies will now run as a Board game crowdfunding in the Spieleschmiede.

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