Desperados 3 from Mimimi Games is currently thrilling fans and critics. And now the Wild West adventure continues - but off the beaten track. As the publisher Pegasus Spiele announced, the result of a cooperation with developer Mimimi Games and publisher THQ Nordic is a real pen-and-paper. Even better: the role-playing game for Desperados is now available for free as a download. 

“Get it for free” is printed on the red button in the Pegasus digital shop - that means: The pen-and-paper is available completely free of charge. After the release of the strategy video game Desperados 3 on June 16, the “analog role-playing game” is now a successful marketing coup from which fans actually benefit this time.

Desperados 3: video game strategy “made in Germany”

The pen-and-paper on Desperados can be called a test run: The role-playing game system is based on Talisman Adventures, a role-playing game based on the fantasy classic Talisman developed by Pegasus Spiele and author Ian Lemke, which is not due to be released until the fourth quarter of 2020.

Author André Frenzer adapted this system for desperados and adapted it to the world of the wild west. Desperados: A pen & paper role-playing game includes a complete set of rules and a complete, first adventure with illustrations from the world of Desperados III.

In an explanatory trailer for the game, THQ Nordic shows that the free pen-and-paper offshoot contains a good portion of the video game:


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The basic structure is no different than with other pen-and-paper systems: Even in the Desperados role-playing game, each player can create their own character, of course in Wild West style. Fans can earn their time away from the screen as gunslingers, trappers, gamblers, quacks or voodoo priests, each with special and individual skills to experience adventures. With duels, wild shootings around the clock, as well as assaults and harassment by gangsters, the Wild West comes to life at the gaming table, promise Pegasus, Mimimi Games and THQ Nordic.

To one Hybrid game it isn't, the pen-and-paper role-playing game for Desperados still combines the best of both game worlds: the challenging, tactical battles from the video game Desperados 3 and the freedom and immersion that can only be achieved with pen and paper.

The western role-playing game is aimed not only at beginners who want to try out a pen-and-paper for the first time, but also at veterans who want to experience challenging adventures with accessible rules and exciting elements from the video game.

The role-playing game on Desperados is free as a PDF in Pegasus Digital Store accessible. If you want to experience even more Wild West adventures, you can do so in digital form with the demo for Desperados 3, which is available on Steam.

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