The success of the fantastic board game Descent - The Journey into the Dark: 2nd Edition is unbroken. And as if the game wasn't extensive enough, the Heidelberger Spieleverlag, respectively Fantasy Flight Games, put another pitcher on top. In the third quarter of 2015 the time has come: The new hero and monster set Prophecy of a New Beginning will be released!

Prophecy of a new beginning

With the new hero and monster set, particularly grim characters find their way into the dark world of Descent 2nd edition. Giant trolls and ogres wait to crush the daring heroes with their clubs; or they just do it effortlessly with their gigantic ogre fists. And if that's not dangerous enough, you should face a creature of this size if it is armed with chain armor and a freshly sharpened two-handed sword. So new and difficult tasks are waiting for the players. The goal: band together and stop the critters before they get the chance to storm off!

Four heroes and three groups of monsters enrich your gaming experience. The two additional adventures promise excitement and completely new playful possibilities. You should definitely remember this extension!

For newbies, try it now!

Board gamers who like fantasy games have so far avoided it Descent 2nd edition has made, he should at least get the basic game and try it out.

For me there is currently no similarly good fantasy board game available on the market - at least not one that can inspire with such a grandiose scope. Against Descent 2nd edition does the Legends of Andor like a board game break snack. And the board game Descent shows its full strengths even without expansion: Courageous heroes, grim monsters and numerous exciting missions await the group of players who are clever enough to spend the evening at the board game table rather than in front of the television. At around € 45, the purchase price can seem daunting at first, but converted to the number of entertaining hours of play, the investment is a real bargain. Predicate particularly valuable - definitely try it out!

And if you need more content now, you can use the recently published heroes and monsters expansion Crown of destiny. The heroes Corbin, Lindel, Jaes the Exiled and Brother Gherinn are waiting for their missions. Three new groups of monsters are available on the monster page: Giants, Chaos Beasts and Lava Beetles make life difficult for you. Two new quests entice you with first-class adventures. Don't hesitate - buy, unpack and start playing! 

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