A demo for Capcom's new offshoot from the Monster Hunter series for Nintendo Switch, Monster Hunter Rise, can now be downloaded free of charge from the Nintendo eShop. The new part of the popular action role-playing game can be extensively tested by the players until January 31, before the video game appears on the market at the end of March. As some fans noticed, the eShop temporarily slowed down due to the high demand.

The new trailer for Monster Hunter Rise already wowed video game fans around the world. So the players expect a concentrated load of new and well-known monsters as well as riding them and a snowy landscape as a new area. The monsters include the electric monster Khezu, a flying wyvern, Goss Harag, who can harness the power of ice, and Great Baggi, a bird wyvern whose weapon is sleep. The new ability of monster riding, the wyvern ride, is particularly helpful in the fight against them. The companions can also be seen. The game has a favorite for every pet lover: Palamute and Palico, a type of dog and its feline counterpart.

Demo access slows down Nintendo's eShop

In the demo, players can test the new features. Alone or with up to three other players, the world of Monster Hunter Rise can be made unsafe. The demo includes the two hunts "Mizutsune" and "Great Tsuchi" as well as quests for wyvern riding and wirebug. Even beginners can quickly access the demo through basic training. The demo starts as one of 14 different game characters fully equipped with armor. The only downer: the demo was limited to 30 test accesses and until February 1st, after which the players have to wait until the release of the full version in order to delve deeper into the world of action role-playing games.

With the video game series Monster Hunter, Capcom has been bringing popular representatives from the action role-playing game genre to German retailers for decades. In the video game, players solve quests, hunt wyverns (a type of dragon), monsters and farm animals, collect helpful items and resources, create items such as armor or healing potions and receive rewards and points for completing tasks. Depending on the part of the series, the players play in the offline village mode or in that of the online hunter camp.

The character does not rise in his level, but in his rank. However, the armor and weapon of the player can be upgraded. This is done, for example, by using decorations that can be used to improve armament skills. Depending on the level of rank, the players can wear armor of different strengths, which is collected in the course of the quests and produced using rare materials. In the course of the game there are always monster fights that require a well-considered strategy to win.

Monster Hunter is a hugely successful video game series, the first offshoot of which appeared under the simple title Monster Hunter in 2044. Capcom develops and distributes the game. The series is particularly popular in Japan, which is impressively proven by the sales figures. Monster Hunter titles went over the counter around 20 million times, around 17 million of which were sold on the Japanese game market alone. Monster Hunter Rise is not the last title currently known: Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin will be released exclusively for Nintendo Switch this summer.

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