In 2015 Mombasa by Alexander Pfister was published by Pegasus. Seven years later, Skymines, another game by Alexander Pfister, was released. This time at Deep Print Games distributed by Pegasus. The fact that both games are mentioned here together is no coincidence. Skymines takes many of the mechanics from Mombasa and also introduces new content with the new theme.

Deep Print Games did last year with Corrosion  corresponded to the "deep" in the name for the first time and published an expert game with the sixth game in the publisher's portfolio. The next expert title will soon follow with Alexander Pfister's Skymines. A game that basically builds on well-known mechanisms from Mombasa, but along with the new theme also brings new content.

Skymines - mines on the moon

50 years ago, raw materials began to be mined on the moon. What has been in the hands of world government for years has now opened up to private investors and adventurous companies. The players take on the role of investors who want to earn as many CryptoCoins as possible by investing in the individual companies.

Central is in sky mines the unique card and hand management mechanism that requires foresight and wise planning. All start with comparable hand cards. New and stronger cards can be purchased through the game from a rotating card market. Each round, the players secretly choose action cards from their hand and then implement them. After execution, the cards do not come back immediately, but first end up in individual slots on the player board, from which they can only be collected again in the next few rounds.

Which is not really strikingly different from the mechanism Mombasa, but then shows up in the innovations. Apart from the new theme borders itself sky mines through its campaign mode and modules. The campaign consists of four chapters. Each of these chapters is a game with a specific structure that includes one or more of the modules. The modules can all be played independently of the campaign. For example, there is a module with mission maps. Completing a set of three of the six missions grants access to an exclusive bonus slot of their own.

The game board has a side with the moon for the basic game, which is almost identical to the Mombasa game board only with a new theme, and also a side with an asteroid belt, which introduces another playable module.

The game is suitable for 1-4 players aged 12 and over and lasts between 75 and 150 minutes. The release date is given as the third quarter of 2022.


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