At the German publisher Deep Print Games, the focus is not only on SPIEL, but also on the coming year. A series of 2-player games have been announced by the publisher. The second title in this series has now been announced. It is not yet known which title will lead the publisher's 2-person games.

50 years ago Bobby Fischer, who despite his questionable statements off the chessboard is considered one of the best players of all time, became world chess champion. Paolo Mori (Libertalia, Tiny World War, Rushing of Leaves) and Deep Print Games are now releasing the legendary chess duel between him and Boris Spassky as an asymmetric 2-player game.

Chess as a card game

Except for announcing that the game will exist, Deep Print Games are not showing their cards. As it is intended to be asymmetrical, it seems likely that the players will take on the roles of Fischer or Spassky. The game should be played quickly. For a 2-player game, playing time should then probably be in the range between 15 and 30 minutes. But these are both guesses.

Even Fischer's way to the duel against Spassky was impressive. The 20 games he won during the Candidates Tournament to determine the world champion's challenger are the longest consecutive winning streak in chess to date. The fact that he was able to take part in this tournament at all was only due to the withdrawal of another player's participation, since Fischer himself boycotted the American Chess Championship.

But even when he was determined to be Spassky's challenger, there was a lot of back and forth as to whether Fischer would even compete. Through threats of cancellation, Fischer managed to increase the prize money to an unprecedented record amount. Even Henry Kissinger phoned Fischer to persuade him to duel. During the Cold War, the American-Soviet chess duel was much more than just a sporting event. The World Chess Championships had previously been dominated by Soviet players.

Fischer showed up too late for the first game and didn't even show up for the second game because the cameras in the hall bothered him, which once again almost made him leave. The following games then went as Match of the Century into history. In the end, Fischer was able to win the world championship title, but he never defended it and hardly ever plays chess in public anymore.

The new 2-player card game is embedded in this story Match of the Century. More detailed information about this novelty as well as the first title of the "Deep Print Games for 2" series will probably follow soon.

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