A few days ago the second title of Deep Print's new 2-player game series was announced. Now it is also known with which novelty this series will begin. Unlike Match of the Century, this novelty will be released this year and can already be played at SPIEL.

The new 2-player game series from Deep Print Games was announced at the beginning of September with the second game in this series. The first game in this series was only to be announced later. Today the message came that this game will not only be released this year, but can also be played directly at SPIEL in just over three weeks.

Duel for connoisseurs about beer and bread

In the area around a former monastery, there are two traditions in the two villages: brewing beer and baking bread. They share the fields and resources. Nevertheless, each village wants to trump the other village in these prestigious activities.

Both players take on the role of one of these two villages in this duel. Over a period of six years, alternately fertile and dry, they plan to mine and store resources, brew beer and bake bread, sell both for money, and improve their production facilities. 

In order to avoid limiting yourself to just one of the two products, only the goods with which the players have made less money count in the end. 

The central element in this 2-player game are “multi-use” cards. The novelty of Deep Print Games will be distributed by Pegasus Games. The game is recommended for ages 10 and up. The playing time is between 30 and 45 minutes.


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