According to a tweet from developer Four Quarters, the video game Loop Hero enjoyed over 4 players on Steam just one day after its release on March 150.000th. In the deck building and roguelike role-playing game with a retro feel, players slip into the role of a hero who, thanks to a wicked lich, struggles through the endless loop of a post-apocalyptic world to escape his tragic fate.

In Loop Hero, players use a growing deck consisting of collectible playing cards and heroes that are supposed to help restore balance to the fantasy game world. To do this, the players cleverly place opponents, buildings and terrain. On their way, none of the randomly generated time loops are the same as the others and the gameplay also increases in difficulty from expedition to expedition. But it pays to stay tuned, because during each game the players reveal exciting secrets and memories, new maps and bonuses, which should help their hero in the victory over the seemingly endless adventure.

Loop Hero is a deck building RPG

But not only deck building plays an important role in Loop Hero, exciting fights are not neglected in the role-playing game. In order to survive, powerful loot must first be accumulated for the hero classes and the “camp of survivors” should also be expanded by collecting resources and loot in order to increase the hero's power. Meanwhile, sneaky guards and monsters are waiting to meet the player.


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Interested gamers can take a look at the unusual gameplay in the Four Quarters launch trailer. Heroes of the gaming scene, such as YouTubers Northernlion and Splattercatgaming as well as the streamer Ezekiel_III, all agree that Loop Hero is fun. Four Quartes himself is overwhelmed by his Steam success on Twitter and thanks his players in a tweet:

Our team is overwhelmed by the response to Loop Hero and can't thank all our new community enough - over 150k players already!
Thank you all so much!

- FourQuarters team (@_FQteam) March 5, 2021

The video game Loop Hero was released on March 4, 2021 on the Steam gaming platform for the PC and can currently be purchased for 15 euros. Up to and including March 11th, buyers can receive a discount of 15 percent. The game comes from the pen of the developers of Four Quarters. Devolver Digital is responsible for the distribution of Loop Hero. This is an American publisher who has specialized entirely in the publication of indie games.

After the company had initially focused on remakes of the Serious Sam video game series and the associated spin-off games with success, Devolver Digital is now releasing video games from small indie studios, such as the current title Loop Hero by Four Quarters, which is available on Steam. In addition, the company is dedicated to film distribution.



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