The name of the crime dinner series “Deadly Dinner” says it all – in a purely playful way, of course. With The Last Rose and Red Carpet to Perdition, the first two Deadly Dinner parts were released by Pegasus Games at the beginning of the year. The third part of the series is now available: Killing Woodstock. The three full-length cases are suitable for playgroups of different sizes and play in completely different themed worlds.

All games in the Deadly Dinner series, recommended for ages 16+, by the author trio Lukas Setzke, Martin Student and Verena Wiechens have both the full-length character and the basic gameplay in common.

Crime Dinner: All are suspects

For a round of Deadly Dinner, a host invites you to dinner together, where all the players take on the role of a character suspected of murder. Only one person committed the murder, but they all have secrets they prefer to keep to themselves. And so the players try to get behind the secrets of the others without making themselves even more suspicious. They live through three rounds in which they gradually get new information about the course of events. In each round, individual players also receive secret objects that tell them something about the background of the deed. Information and clues must be discussed in the group in order to ultimately identify the perpetrator. The goal is to solve the murder case - or get away with the fact.

The last rose puts the players on the set of the dating show "The One". In this, heartbreaker Alexander von Altenburg is looking for the one woman who deserves his last rose. But betrayal, intrigue and resentment are also the order of the day behind the scenes on this show. When one of the final candidates is found dead, the facade of the million show threatens to crumble. What enemies did TV beauty Chayenne make on set? With five to seven suspects, The Last Rose is the part of the series that is playable with the smallest number of people.

Hollywood 1959: Celebrated, coveted, famous. As an old-school charmer, film star Henry Stewart graces the covers of the tabloids. But he is found murdered on the set of the eagerly awaited comedy "The Legionnaire Who Loved Me". One thing is clear: glitter and glamor cannot hide this bloody violent crime. The perpetrator is part of the film crew! Red Carpet to Doom is suitable for six to eight game ends.

San Francisco 1970: A tranquil commune, a rock band and a tough motorcycle club are united by a love of music and mind-expanding drugs. Together they want to revive the legendary Woodstock Festival. But when the commune's guru is murdered, Love, Peace and Happiness is over. With seven to ten suspects, Killing Woodstock is especially suited to large playgroups.


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