Publisher Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) has announced that the third Dead Reckoning saga, Letters of Marque, will go live as a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter in August. August 9, 2022 is planned as the starting date.

Dead Reckoning returns with a new saga. The 4X strategy game about pirates is expanded with "Letters of Marque". The board game Dead Reckoning is about exploration and piracy in a Caribbean setting. Each player commands a ship and a crew and tries to amass the greatest fortune. Piracy, trading, treasure hunting, and conquering and maintaining control of the region's uninhabited yet resource-rich islands are the keys to success.

Dead Reckoning: Kickstarter success for AEG

Dead Reckoning proved to be a successful campaign for the Alderac Entertainment Group in April 2020: the goal of 15 US dollars was reached in around 50.000 minutes - in the end the publisher was able to generate almost one million US dollars with the crowdfunding. For AEG, it was the most successful campaign to date, with more than 8.400 supporters taking part.

After the two sagas Deep Legends and Salt & Thunder, Letters of Marque will be the third entry. "The most important thing to know about the Sagas is that they are essentially expansion content that will be added to the game incrementally and thematically," notes John D. Clair, designer of the game. He had previously developed titles such as Cubitos, Space Base, Mystic Vale and Edge of Darkness.

After years of the New Sea being the dominion of cutthroat pirates, opportunistic privateers, and daring merchant adventurers, the rulers of the old world have turned their eyes to its waters. Letters of Marque features two different but related sets of expansion content, the publisher explains of what to expect for Dead Reckoning fans. The first is Flags of the Old World, non-saga-based content that introduces two Empire maps, new resources, new ship upgrades, and a new Explorer card for each player's deck. The second is a new saga that, like previous saga expansions, includes encounters, secrets, maps and content, all of which can be discovered as the game progresses.

Dead Reckoning – Letters of Marque launches on Kickstarter on August 9, 2022. The base game and the two previous sagas will then also be available as part of the crowdfunding campaign. The game was also available in German in the past campaign.

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