Zoch Verlag, known primarily for children's and family games, has announced its innovations for the first half of 2022. There are four this semester. The first two are already on the market. "On guard" and "Is there who?" should follow in March.

The publisher Zoch stands for uncomplicated fun, mostly for families. The first half-yearly program this year also shows: It's all about beginner-friendly game titles. The publishing house, founded in 1987 with the participation of game designer Klaus Zoch (including Zicke Zacke Hühnerkacke, Zapp Zerapp), is now managed from Fürth and belongs to the Noris-Spiele brand, which in turn is part of the Simba-Dickie-Group.

Fruddel Muddle: Kuddel Muddle with fruits

In this game it is important to keep track of the sea of ​​colour. The players each have a face-down stack of cards and four fruits (strawberries, bananas, pears and grapes) in their respective colors are laid out in the middle. The cards show the outline of a fruit that has a border of one of the four colors on a background that shows one of the four colors.

Everyone reveals their top card at the same time and whoever can grab the fruit from the middle first, whose attributes (shape and color) are represented on the most cards, gets to keep their card. In contrast, the other players lose one or two of their cards. The player who has the most cards left when the first stack of a player is empty wins.

There's the worm in there - The card game

The "little brother" of the children's game of the year from 2011 implements the processes of the big brother in card format. The players place face-down worm cards of different lengths. By remembering the position of your own worms and observing the other players, the goal is to pull the longest possible worms out of the ground. Whoever grows the five longest worms in their display wins.

Anybody there? Hide and seek in the thicket

The heart of this game is a large three-dimensional bush in which animals are hiding. You have to look closely and see which animals are hiding in the undergrowth. If you think you have recognized who is hiding in the thicket and who is hidden invisibly in the undergrowth, you quickly grab the corresponding animal figure from the middle. At the end of the round, the undergrowth tile is removed and whoever has one of the five animals hidden there in front of him may play one of his personal nine tiles. The first player to lay down all nine tiles and complete a picture wins the game.

On guard: Memory with hats

In the middle of the table are different characters such as jesters, pirates or cooks, all waiting for their matching headdress. These lie face down as cards above them. When it is your turn you secretly look at one of the hats, swap places of two hats or, if you think that hat and hat wearer go together, reveal a hat. If it matches, or the hat is a miracle hat, you get both cards. If you weren't on your guard and revealed the wrong card, there is a bald head as a "punishment", which brings you a minus point at the end. Whoever has collected the most hats at the end wins the game.

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