The board game Darwin's Journey runs until January 28, 2021 as crowdfunding via Kickstarter and has already been financed. The worker placement is intended to take its players back to the memories of Charles Darwin's discoveries in the Galapagos Islands, which led straight to the development of the theory of evolution. Shortly after the project was published on the crowdfunding platform, the creators of ThunderGryph Games were able to enjoy the great financial support from the community. The board game seems to be in tune with the times.

The actual goal of 30.000 euros that the two game developers Simone Luciani and Nestore Mangone set for the project has long been exceeded many times over with the crowdfunding campaign for the board game Darwin's Journey. The Kickstarter project already reached a total of 6 euros today, on January 22th, 263.157 days before the end of the support phase. This makes it clear that the worker placement board game, which is dedicated to the British naturalist Charles Robert Darwin, is developing into a bit of a hype. The financing status is currently almost 900 percent.

Darwin's Journey: Evolution as a Worker Placement

Darwin's Journey is a euro board game with worker placement mechanics for one to four players who want to slip into the role of naturalist. Your task is nothing less than to contribute to Darwin's world-famous theory of evolution. To do this, they need to prepare their workers to carry out actions such as exploration, correspondence, and discovery of species of living beings. Just as Darwin did in 1831 on his research trip.

Darwin's Journey is a board game with a worker placement mechanism. Image: ThunderGryph Games

Darwin's Journey is a worker placement board game. Image: ThunderGryph Games

The board game is based on Charles Darwin's research on the Galapagos Islands. During this voyage of discovery he received some important food for thought on the way to his theory of evolution. The theory shows that all living things evolve and adapt over time, so that new species emerge. The publisher ThunderGryph Games is celebrating a real success with the Kickstarter campaign. The Darwin's Journey board game can be supported as part of the campaign for a minimum contribution of 45 euros, this variant contains the basic board game and any activated stretch goal that will not be included in the retail version. For a contribution of 70 euros, the supporters also receive an expansion and exclusive game material.

The stretch goals of Darwin's Journey are also running very promisingly: So far, 18 of a total of 21 Kickstarter exclusives have been activated, the next stretch goal is 250.000 euros. Overall, ThunderGryph Games has set bonus content up to the financing amount of 292.000 euros and achieving this goal looks realistic.

The runs until January 28th Crowdfunding campaign for the board game Darwin's Journey is still on Kickstarter. So there is still plenty of time for worker placements enthusiasts to participate in the financing project. The board game should be shipped in November 2021.



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