The psychological horror indie game DARQ: Complete Edition, from the developer Unfold Games, is due to be released on December 4th on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. The version for the next-gen consoles Xbox Series X | S and PS5, as well as a switch version of the video game, should follow in the first quarter of 2021. The puzzle game with goosebumps, reminiscent of the dark and bizarre films by Tim Burton, promises its players new, extra-tricky puzzles.

DARQ's story is about a nondescript boy named Lloyd. He seems trapped in his own lucid nightmare, with no chance of waking up. To find a solution to his liberation, he explores the darkest layers of himself. Meanwhile, Lloyd learns more and more to survive his own nightmare.

DARQ: Complete Edition is a puzzle game with a scary factor

But he can only do this by influencing the laws of physics and his dream world. He has to solve puzzles that turn gravity upside down and defeat opponents using cleverness. If instead he attacks his opponents directly or is discovered, this would mean his end. The dark adversaries are many times stronger than Lloyd himself.

In the video game DARQ, an inconspicuous boy tries to escape his horror nightmare. Image: Unfold Games

In the video game DARQ, an inconspicuous boy tries to escape his horror nightmare. Image: Unfold Games

The varied puzzles make the video game DARQ special for fans and the levels also offer a varied environment: Here the player puzzles in the nightmare image of a sewer system, a dreary theater, an abandoned village and other creepy places. Lloyd moves through the game on a right-left axis, but can examine his surroundings from different angles. While playing DARQ, there are some shock moments lurking for the gamers, which are intensified even more by the deliberate renunciation of musical background by the developer and lead to a permanent, dull feeling in the stomach area.

The DARQ: Complete Edition contains nightmarish shock moments

In addition to the base game, the DARQ: Complete Edition contains two additional DLCs: "The Tower" is a strange construction that contains puzzles and secrets, and "The Crypt" is the final expansion of DARQ. Twice as big as The Tower, players will find tricky puzzles, new mechanics and achievements, shocking twists and turns and amazing surprises in this DLC.


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Owners of the PC version of DARQ will automatically receive a free upgrade to DARQ: Complete Edition on December 4th. Players who own the DARQ: Complete Edition on Xbox One or PlayStation 4 will receive a free next-gen upgrade to the fully optimized Xbox Series X | S and PlayStation 5 version when the horror game is released.

According to the publisher Feardemic, a subsidiary of BLOOBER TEAM SA, and the developer Unfold Games, an independent video game development studio in Los Angeles, the December 04th version of the DARQ: Complete Edition will cost 19.99 euros.


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