Deckbuilding fans have been able to go into battle with their favorite DC superheroes since 2012, and the stand-alone expansion “Dark Nights: Metal” is now being replenished - for one of the more unusual crossovers in the DC universe. The expansion can be pre-ordered via Cryptozic and should be available in August.

Batman traveling through a dark multiverse that exists parallel to the conventional DC multiverse can be enjoyed by fans at Dark Nights: Metal. That is - very roughly summarized - the starting situation for the bat man in the crossover, which appeared for the first time in 2017. Cryptozoic has now taken up the setting for its new expansion to the DC deck building game.

Dark Nights: Metals still available in August

Around 200 new cards come into play with the stand-alone expansion Dark Nights: Metal, as well as eleven oversized superheroes. Central is the super villain “Batman who laughs” (Batman who laughs), a nasty multiverse opponent to the bat and a crazy mixture of Batman and the Joker.

Based on the metal comic series, Cryptozoic now also brings the right content for the DC deck building game. All of the content of the new expansion can be used in itself, but is also compatible with the previously published cards. Two to five players slip into the roles of characters from the Justice League to bring down the aforementioned Batman-Joker hybrid. This expansion also introduces a new mechanic into the game: The “Batman who laughs” captures other heroes, who then have to be freed by the remaining team members as quickly as possible. Fans can play Wonder Woman, Superman, Flash or Aquaman - and of course Batman too.

With known heroes, players have to defeat various villains. Image rights: Cryptozoic

With known heroes, players have to defeat various villains. Image rights: Cryptozoic

The focus of the game is also on the illustrations for one of the rather unusual crossovers in the DC universe. It was not until 2019 that the DC Deckbuilding Game: Rebirth, a new offshoot of the deckbuilding game, appeared, in which different iconic locations from the DC universe play central roles.

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