After the next expansion for Galaxy Trucker and the board game novelty Starship Captains, Czech Games Edition are now presenting the next novelty. This should also be available at SPIEL in October. Unlike the other two announcements, we are not in outer space here, but in a fantastical medieval era.

To  The alchemists is the novelty Deal with the Devil the second game by author Matúš Kotry. As a contrast to the medieval theme, there is also an app here that is required to play. And there is another special feature. The game is for exactly four people.

Secret dealings with the devil

Deal with the Devil is a "highly themed Eurogame". The rules have not yet been published. There is already a rough overview of the gameplay. Each of the four characters takes on one of the three roles of mortal, cultist or devil. Due to these asymmetrical characters, the players always experience the same game differently due to the different goals.

There is a secret trading phase. In this, the players can offer their resources to the other players in exchange for money. For example, the devil entices mortals with certain goods to sell parts of his soul. Something the cultist, in turn, loves to do. This is all done without the players knowing what trades have been made. Only the accompanying app knows who is trading with whom.

You should be careful how much you reveal of your own successes, otherwise the other players could become suspicious. In addition, this can call the Inquisition into action. This wants to punish those who cannot prove that their souls are intact.

The game offers many strategies to discover. Do you sell many parts of the soul to make rapid progress and risk punishment from the Inquisition, or do you be more careful with your resources and wait for the other players to reveal their goals.

The pure 4-player game will be released at SPIEL 2022. Deal with the deal has a playing time of between 80 and 160 minutes and is recommended for ages 14 and up. Only an English version has been announced at the moment, but the previous releases by Czech Games Edition suggest that a German version could be released by Heidelberger Spieleverlag.

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