The cyberpunk RPG for just under seven euros?! There is currently, but only for those fans for whom English literature is not too difficult. By now it should be clear: It's not CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077, which isn't available for seven euros, but the "real" role-playing game - i.e. pen & paper. Humble Bundle throws around cyberpunk works, including the new RPG starter set Cyberpunk Red and the core rulebook.

If you can't get enough of cyberpunk or want to bridge the waiting time for CD Projekt Red's video game, you might find what you're looking for in the current "Humble Bundle". A set of role-playing books is offered there in cooperation with R. Talsorian Games.

For playing or as information material

The Cyberpunk Humble Bundle includes a digital copy of the Jumpstart Kit for Cyberpunk Red. The beginner-friendly work was only released in the summer and contains ready-made characters and the basic rules that are necessary for playing Cyberpunk Red. Practical: The work includes an intro for newbies. The quick start is almost guaranteed, then you can throw yourself at the complete set of rules that the publisher R. Talsorian Games published this month.

The Jumpstart Kit for Cyberpunk Red is part of the second stage of the current Humble Bundle, along with the aforementioned core set of rules for Cyberpunk 2020, the second edition of the futuristic RPG by designer Mike Pondsmith, which was published in the nineties. You get access if you invest at least 6,83 euros for the bundle. There are also other goodies for this, including a map of Night City and a source book on Cyberpunk Capital.

Here just another load of Johnny Silverhand to loosen up:

Even those who spend less money get some cyberpunk flair. For 85 cents you can at least get access to Blackhand's Guide or Forlorn Hope. From 12,81 euros you get full access to the Humble Bundle, then there are a further 13 digital works, such as Deep Space or Home of the Brave. The Cyberpunk Humble Bundle will be available through December 16.

By the way: If you prefer to play the cyberpunk RPG in a localized version, you will find a German-language version via Truant Spiele. But then at the normal price: The Cyberpunk Red starter set costs around 35 euros and will be released on December 11th.

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