Cyberpunk is booming, at least it's a topic of conversation. A crowdfunding campaign for the miniature board game Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone is currently running on Kickstarter. In cooperation with R. Talsorian Games - the publisher behind the Cyberpunk 2020 series, among other things - Monster Fight Club has started a project in which the Cyberpunk license is combined with miniatures and fast skirmish fights. “Swarm funding” is not (yet) going through the roof. This is probably mainly due to the price. 

Monster Fight Club hasn't done much so far, most recently crowdfunding campaigns for tabletop terrain and the board game Tentacle Town were financed - and now with Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone there isn't a licensed heavyweight on the program, which is also a hype, isn't it at least it should be, because the Kickstarter campaign doesn't want to really take off yet. The understanding of a "successful" launch phase also depends somewhat on the expectations - and they are high. cyberpunk. hype. Or?

Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone - Funded in 30 minutes

Admittedly, the campaign has already exceeded the set funding target of around 25.000 euros, and clearly. And yes, the campaign reached the minimum contribution in just under 30 minutes. Nevertheless: In view of the supposedly hyped cyberpunk setting, it could have looked very different, maybe it should - even from the Monster Fight Club's point of view.

More than 550 fans pumped three times the minimum amount into the miniature skirmish project. The “swarm” is now heading for a first milestone of 100.000 euros. The fact that more players don't spontaneously jump on the bandwagon may be due to the prices. Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone costs as an all-in pledge, called "Dark Future", with the equivalent of 290 euros without taxes and shipping, as much as a cyberpunk implant.

The monetary hurdle is therefore comparatively high, because with miniature board games the motto often applies: either all or nothing. So far, this has also been noticeable in this campaign. Of almost 565 fans, only 40 support the entry-level pledge - and even that costs just under 100 euros without additional costs. Most fans grab the second most expensive pledge for 166 euros and the miniature maxi package for the aforementioned 290 euros. The support level between the two pledges hardly seems to be of interest to fans, presumably the additional price is not also a real added value at the same time.


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However, there is no way around the cool style of the miniature board game. The title has the typical Cyberpunk Red charm: colorful, wrecked, weird and at the same time gloomy. It's all about fast skirmish games; characters crammed with cyberware that seem to have been imported directly from the role-playing game template are available for this.

The process is described comparatively quickly: It's about wild close and long-range combat and wounds. This is also the highlight of the game system. Counterattacks are used to hit the attacker back if there are action points left. That leaves room for maneuvering. Movements can also be used strategically; they are determined and dealt with on the gaming table by a three-colored measure.

Why did we expect a bigger launch for the board game? This is mainly due to the hype about Cyberpunk 2077. Or has the drama about CD Projekt Red's hated-loved action role-playing game already worn out as a trending topic? The campaign on Kickstarter may just have gone under the radar so far, so that overall too few players have heard of the title. So: the miniatures tabletop game Cyberpunk Red: Combat Zone will run as a crowdfunding campaign through May 13th on Kickstarter.

If everything goes well, supporters should hold the board game in their hands sometime from April 2022, when it will start shipping worldwide. Maybe by then CD Projekt Red has polished up to Cyberpunk 2077 and released the versions for Xbox Series X | S and Playstation 5. At the latest this should give the cyberpunk topic a boost and - this time hopefully positive - provide material for discussion.


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