Cyberpunk 2077 has heralded a new era about a year and a half after its release: this is mainly due to the next-gen upgrade that finally makes CD Projekt Red's action role-playing game look like it should have from the start on the new consoles. And: Patch 1.5 also makes a significant contribution to the fact that fans can now experience the game differently.

Surprisingly, CD Projekt Red not only announced the next-gen upgrade in a live stream, but also released it directly – parallel to a one-month test phase during which players can try out the title for five hours free of charge. The developers have apparently learned from their mistakes: Instead of raising expectations again, which may then be disappointed, this time they relied on the surprise factor. This was well received by fans – the feedback on this campaign was mostly positive. The same applies to the quality of patch 1.5 and the next-gen upgrade.

Cyberpunk 2077 finally CYBERPUNK 2077

The start of Cyberpunk 2077 was anything but good for CD Projekt Red. While critics celebrated the game based on tests in PC environments, CDPR walled off the console versions to the point of a communication disaster. What had to come came: the quality of the published console versions lagged behind the PC version. Not only were fans disappointed, they felt betrayed. Even in the aftermath, the listed company was not particularly lucky in communicating the obvious problems of Cyberpunk 2077. The share price collapsed, and Sony even threw the game on the Playstation Store.

Weeks and months passed: updates and fixes later, Cyberpunk 2077 was much better playable than when it was released. The launch phase was not yet over for the developers, because the next-gen upgrade was still missing a game component that fans had been eagerly waiting for at least since the release of the Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X | S - among other things because they cyberpunk 2077 finally wanted to enjoy on consoles in the highest possible quality. But there was more behind it now: After many disappointments, fans wanted to know whether CD Projekt Red still stands for the high quality that was expected from the The Witcher series, for example. Now the developers have delivered and one thing is certain: they can still do it!

The next-gen upgrade almost eliminates loading times, it can be played with ray tracing and 30 FPS or without in 60 FPS, in high 4k resolution on the two flagship consoles Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X. You can actually see it in the game: That's how it is Cyberpunk 2077 was only allowed to be beautiful on the PC so far. Finally, the action role-playing game also shines on consoles. The hardware requirements have increased, which already indicates that something groundbreaking must have happened on the technical level. And indeed: CD Projekt Red's action role-playing game cuts a much better figure.

Life has returned to Night City: finally what is supposed to be happening in big cities is happening in the cyberpunk metropolis. People are out and about in large numbers, which is good for the atmosphere. So far there has been a dramatic gap in this area, which in some cases turned out to be a real mood killer: There was a hustle and bustle in the bars and clubs, and players found a completely different, much more boring world outside the doors. There was just nothing going on in the city. At least until now.

You can not only see that at first glance, it also fits much better with the background story, which sometimes obtrusively focused on the urban lifestyle. And: the people are not only more numerous, they react to the actions of the player. Some archetypes just don't like being pointed at with a weapon. Other running paths, adjustments to despawn, a few little things already make Night City a much nicer playground.

Cyberpunk 2077 also makes a lot more in terms of play - partly because the developers have rigorously removed useless skills or converted them into useful perks. Because the changes in this area are so drastic, players are allowed to perform a free "respec", i.e. redistribute their skill points. The skill changes are the real big highlight, which basically makes Cyberpunk 2077 not just a new version, but a new game.

With the next-gen upgrade including patch 1.5, players on the Xbox Series X or Playstation 5 in particular have the chance to play Cyberpunk 2077 in unprecedented quality. And finally you can recommend it unreservedly, no: even advise you to do it. Yes, even with the new patch some new bugs found their way into the game. And yes, despite great player requests, CD Projekt Red has decided not to give the game a subway network for the time being - but with the update it is clear that all the new bugs will go away. CD Projekt Red is capable - now fans have received irrefutable proof of this.


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Update 1.5: Comprehensive patch notes

The new patch 1.5 has comprehensive patch notes. CD Projekt Red has them on the official website of the game listed. The improvements that are exclusive to next-gen consoles are also important:


  • Added ray tracing for local shadows.
  • Added native support for trophies/achievements on next-gen consoles. Note: As the next-gen version uses a different SKU, PlayStation Trophies earned through backwards compatibility cannot be transferred. Xbox achievements will automatically appear in the new version thanks to the "Xbox Smart Delivery" feature.
  • Two new graphics modes have been introduced on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X: "Performance" and "Raytracing".
  • Performance mode ensures smooth gameplay at 60 FPS with 4K dynamic scaling.
  • Raytracing mode enables photorealistic rendering of shadows and gameplay at 30 FPS with 4K dynamic scaling.
  • The Xbox Series S version has no graphics modes to choose from. By default, 30 FPS is available in 1440p with dynamic resolution scaling.
  • Performance improvements significantly reduce the number of FPS crashes and increase rendering quality.
  • HDR has been balanced to be equal across platforms.
  • Various graphic improvements.
  • Allowed the use of adaptive triggers on PS5 controllers.

- Haptic feedback now adapts to in-game activities.

- The controller's built-in speaker is now used for holo calls, text messages and everything that's going on in V's head.

  • Added activity maps for PS5.
  • The Spanish audio edition is now available in the Americas (PlayStation codes: CUSA-16596 and CUSA-16597). Due to technical limitations, it is only available on next-gen consoles.
  • Spatial audio for headphones and TV speakers with 5D audio is now available on PlayStation 3 thanks to Tempest 3D AudioTech for PS5.
    • The bonus content is available to players on all platforms.

    ApartmentsApartments can be rented (for a one-time fee) either directly at their Night City location or via the EZEstates website, accessed on the computer in V's Apartment in mega building H10. They are available once you complete the quest Playing for time have completed. It is possible to rent all apartments at the same time. You can access the same camp in all apartments.

    There is also an option to remodel V's Standard Apartment in Mega Building H10 via the EZEstates website for €10.000.

    • Northside, Watson (€$5.000)
    • Japantown, Westbrook (€15.000)
    • The Glen, Heywood (€$40.000)
    • Corpo Plaza, City Center (€$55.000)

    Certain interactions in the apartments grant V a temporary buff:

    • Shower - grants V the Refreshed status for XNUMX hour.

    Refreshed: Allows health to be regenerated in combat. This will regenerate health on its own up to 60% of maximum health.

    With the Regeneration perk, in-combat health regeneration increases by 20% and health regeneration threshold increases by 20%.

    • Sleeping in Bed - Regenerates health and grants V the Rested status for XNUMX hour.

    Rested: Gain +20% Skill XP.

    • Make coffee - grants V wide awake status for XNUMX hour.

    Wide awake: +25% max stamina, +30% regeneration.

    change appearance

    • You can now customize certain aspects of your appearance (like hair, makeup, piercings, etc.) when using the mirror in one of your Apartments or Safehouses. This option is free and can be used as many times as you want. Character customization now also offers even more options for makeup and hair colors. Mirror Mirror on the wall …

    What's new at Wilson?You can purchase new items from Wilson's 2nd Amendment shop in Mega Building H10, or find them as you explore Night City.

    • 2 new weapons: Darra Polytechnic Umbra (power assault rifle), Budget Arms Guillotine (power submachine gun)
    • 4 new scopes: Kang Tao Jue (long scope), Tsunami Gaki (sniper rifle scope), Arasaka Kanetsugu (short scope), Handyman (short scope)

    New type of weapon attachments: muzzle brakes! 10 new muzzle brakes are now available:

    • 5 for small arms (RC-7 Ifrit, RC-7 Liger, RC-7 Dybbuk, RC-7 Kutrub, RC-7 Babaroga)
    • 5 for Assault Rifles & Submachine Guns (RC-7 Aswang, RC-7 Varkolak, RC-7 Zaar, RC-7 Yokai, RC-7 Strigoi)

    New poses in photo mode

    • We've added new poses for Photo Mode, including custom poses for Johnny Silverhand (only available in flashback scenes when the player is playing as Johnny).


    • Numerous fixes and improvements to combat AI and NPC reactions in melee and ranged combat, including cover, positioning, reloading, equipping weapons, dodging, blocking, and more.
    • Numerous improvements to mutilation procs, hit reactions, and death animations, making melee and ranged combat more impressive.
    • Enemies are now better at dodging and blocking on (Kerenzikov) attacks. The heavier a weapon is, the easier it is to hit. The opposite is true when dodging.
    • The behavior of different factions in close and long-range combat has been further differentiated: daring, aggressive, balanced, defensive and cautious.
    • Pursuers now perform better in combat, but can be defeated and temporarily knocked out if they take enough damage.
    • Numerous bug fixes and balance adjustments in Netrunner combat behavior.

    Crowd improvements

    • Aggressive Crowd Behavior: Some NPC archetypes will attack the player if provoked by aiming, shooting, or fighting. Due to technical limitations, this change is not available on older generation consoles.
    • Waiting affects NPCs present and resets the status of devices, environments, and certain scenes.
    • Improved reactions, movement paths, and crowd despawning.

    Driving mode

    • Try our new Burn Out mode! Hold Accelerate + Brake to activate it and steer to turn the vehicle. The old system only allowed turning on the spot; Feel free to experiment with the controls now to see what's possible! Now you can do spectacular manoeuvres, drift, turn quickly and make the asphalt glow in other ways. The system now works at higher speeds, allowing you to brake and accelerate simultaneously when turning to oversteer in most cars. Keyboard players can optionally use the secondary keybinding of the arrow keys (some keyboards ignore the third keypress when using only WASD), but controllers allow the best control over the system (since controllers generally provide the driving experience most gamers prefer). ).
    • The new braking system provides consistent performance at all speeds. Added simulation of anti-lock braking system. All vehicle brakes have been adapted to the new model.
    • Engine simulation improved. Added clutch simulation. These changes improve the resistance of the engine when shifting gears, so that unwanted wheel spin can be avoided.
    • Gear simulation improved. Downshift improvements. Downshifting is now more realistic and a better system is applied in the transmission to keep the engine running perfectly. The change between forward and reverse driving has been completely reworked so that J-Turns/Rockfords are now possible.
    • Motorcycles have been improved. The above improvements make them more stable to handle. In addition, improvements to the controls have been added and they have been retuned.
    • Tuning improvements on various cars. The Quadra Type 66 (all models, especially the Avenger), Mizutani Shion (especially the MZ2), Herrera Outlaw, and the standard MaiMai have all been improved in terms of controls and more.
    • The first person perspective has been adjusted on all vehicles where necessary. Additionally, nomadic vehicles now digitally remove objects blocking view using Crystal Dome technology.

    vehicular traffic

    • Graphic improvements in traffic: rotations and suspensions.
    • Panic Response to Danger: Drivers can now drive away from traffic panicking from danger. NPC passengers can now die in car accidents.
    • Reactions to Body Damage: Vehicles now have different reactions when you crash into them, and then re-merge into traffic more seamlessly.


    • Various changes to the game economy, including higher rewards for missions and open-world activities, and lower prices for vehicles and cyberware.
    • Improved and rebalanced the functionality of clothing mods. Adjusted the number of available mod slots for clothing. Mods have been categorized so that they can now only be used on specific clothing items. Because of this, all equipped mods have been moved back into your inventory. From the inventory screen, you can re-equip them using the new rules.
    • Easy difficulty is now a little more challenging.
    • Introduced 2 new stats that replace dodge: Damage Reduction Chance and Damage Reduction Amount. Damage Reduction Chance determines how often damage taken is reduced for the player. Damage Reduction Amount determines by what percentage the damage is reduced (50% by default).
    • Components that previously enhanced dodge now have an impact on damage reduction. Examples: the Reflexes attribute, perks like Mongoose, Night City Vanishing Point, Human Shield, certain clothing mods and cyberware, etc.
    • Prolonged damage effects have been rebalanced, with mostly primary damage effects like Burning, Bleeding, and Poison being nerfed.
    • Reduced the chance of disrupting the trajectory of smart bullets with the Tyger Claws ability "Luminous Tattoos".
    • There's now a more stealthy way to escape the NCPD when all hell breaks loose. Instead of having to flee a certain distance from the recent crime scene, V can also hide in the search area; however, it takes longer for the police to give up the search.


    • Unused cyberware can now be sold at Ripperdocs.
    • Cooldown time is now correctly listed in the tooltip for the Blood Pump cyberware.
    • The Location Revealed hack can now be interrupted by injuring the Netrunner or having immunity from the Personal ICE cyberware.
    • Activating Berserk now grants double stamina instead of infinite stamina.
    • Stun ammo in the rocket launch system no longer affects non-human NPCs.
    • The number of ricochets for the Legendary Ballistic Coprocessor has been reduced to 1, but it now grants a 50% bonus to ricochet damage.
    • Trajectory Generator (Kiroshi Optics) mod changed to Threat Analysis and now has a 2% damage reduction chance. Damage reduction grants a certain chance to reduce damage taken by a percentage determined by the amount of damage reduction (50% by default).
    • V Cyberware Optical Camouflage now lasts longer (increased from 5/10/15 to 10/15/15 based on rarity).
    • Some NPCs now also have the Optical Cloak ability.
    • Even with Optical Cloak active, V is now visible when the player grabs an enemy.
    • Fixed an issue where certain Cyberware mods could not be equipped at the same time.


    • Various improvements to the combat AI make for an overall better combat experience.
    • Numerous bug fixes and improvements now ensure fewer interruptions and smoother NPC animations in combat (including attack, death, weapon equip, cover, hit reaction, reload, block and dodge animations). Weapons now have a heavier impact feel, crowd control is easier, and the graphics are more spectacular.
    • Enemies now properly take tactical positions.
    • Improved the accuracy of pursuers.
    • Damage taken by the player from explosions has been reduced.
    • Fixed bugs where NPCs from the same group or faction would not engage in combat when seeing their fellow combatants in a combat situation.
    • Fixed the bug where NPCs would not show the intended reaction when hit by a grenade at the start of a fight.
    • Enemies with shotguns will now try to stay close to the player in combat.
    • Enemy battle stims now have visual effects.
    • Enemies with battle stims will now only use them when their health is below 30%, making them less likely to use them overall.
    • Increased the visual complexity of enemy combat behavior in low framerate mode.
    • Fixed a bug where combat mode could trigger while roaming.
    • Fixed a bug where the player could be knocked down by a hammer attack even though the weapon wasn't touching them.
    • NPCs that use both melee and ranged weapons now switch between the two significantly faster.

    quick hacks

    • The Cyberpsychosis quickhack can no longer be used on Cyberpsychos.
    • Fixed the issue where disabling a camera with a quickhack would not interrupt enemy quickhacks that were being uploaded through said camera.
    • Fixed a bug where the hacked status effect would persist on V, preventing Netrunners from hacking V again.
    • Fixed the issue where NPCs would not approach V's location after the Whistle quickhack in some cases.

    Items & Devices

    • The bonus items in the camp (2 DLC jackets + 4 registration rewards) now have a new functionality:

    - From now on, these items will increase in rarity after a certain number of upgrades.

    - Added a simple scheme for each one (Rarity: Rare). The list of available schemes will be updated in existing saves to accommodate this change.

    • Players can now toggle gadgets on and off while carrying an NPC.
    • Fixed the bug where the elevator door animations would sometimes not play properly, allowing the player to see beyond the boundaries of the game world.


    • The health of the opponents in Beat on the Brat has been reduced, except for the twins - they can now dodge/block attacks, making the difficulty more dependent on combat skill.
    • Woodman now typically uses the same Ajax rifle that drops from him. In addition, he is no longer a boss in the future, but a standard opponent.
    • Behavior of NPCs in the boss fights against Sasquatch, Oda, Adam Smasher, Royce and the enemies in Beat on the Brat was corrected.
    • Fixed a bug where NPCs couldn't penetrate V's defenses in melee combat.
    • Fixed V and NPC aerial takedown clipping issues.
    • Melee attacks with spins and kicks are now only possible on fast, nimble enemy archetypes.
    • Battle Machine experience points are no longer awarded for killing enemies while not having a Battle Machine effect active. The amount of Battle Machine experience points awarded for killing enemies now depends on the number of active Battle Machine stacks.
    • Fixed clipping issues when grabbing enemies from a crouched position.
    • Enemies with shotguns now do more damage.
    • Enemies are now less likely to attack V while a finisher is in progress.
    • NPC sniper damage has been increased.
    • Snipers can now still shoot while moving away from their target.
    • V's pets no longer trip over dead bodies.
    • NPC stamina has been rebalanced.
    • NPCs that are crushed by a vehicle and cannot escape will die after a while.
    • Fixed V's death animations when grabbing an NPC.
    • Fixed a bug where security guards, bouncers, and police officers could have an outstanding bounty.
    • Fixed some bugs where NPCs appeared in T-pose.
    • Fixed a bug where NPCs wouldn't apply status effects when they actually could.
    • Enemies with the Kerenzikov ability now have 15% less health to compensate for their improved dodge.


    • Various perks have been changed and some have been relocated to a different location in the skill tree. As a result, all of your Perk Points have been reset. In the perk screen, you can redistribute your perk points for free.
    • The following perks have been changed:
    • High Voltage, Human Shield, Epimorphosis, Fighting Machine, Killing Machine, Razor's Edge.
    • The following new benefits replace older ones:
    • – Good Teamwork (Increases the damage you deal while carrying someone) -> becomes -> Tenacious V (Health regeneration is not interrupted by enemy hits)
    • – Indestructible (Increases Max Stacks Battle Machine by 1.) -> becomes -> Easy Escape (When Battle Machine is active, ranged weapon damage increases by 10% (level 1) or 20% (level 2) against enemies in a range of 5 meters.)
    • – Phantom Commando (You cannot be detected underwater.) -> becomes to -> Eyes open (Headshots with throwing knives apply Blind to the target.)
    • – Silent Finisher (Knife attacks will instantly neutralize enemies below 15% health.) -> becomes -> Juggling Talent (If you defeat an enemy with a throwing knife or land a critical hit, all knives will immediately go on cooldown.)
    • - Lightning Bolt (Increases critical hit chance with tech weapons by 3%.) -> becomes -> Foresight (Previews the exact trajectory of ricochets when aiming power weapons and the Cyberware "Ballistic Coprocessor" is installed.)
    • Due to the above changes, we have renamed the Stealth skill tree to Ninjutsu as it better describes the perks now included.
    • 200% Efficiency, Engineering, and Innovation bonuses are now dynamic. They are applied to already crafted weapons and clothing items. Redistributing perk points properly removes the bonuses.

    player mechanics

    • V can now jump/climb/sprint through cracked glass.
    • Fixed a bug where V could end up in walls or outside the game world when dropping an enemy in a box.


    • Fixed a bug where vehicles could spawn wedged into each other causing them to either explode or be thrown into the air.
    • Fixed a bug where capturing a vehicle from an enemy NPC could cause them to clip through the roof and stay in the vehicle.
    • Fixed an issue where vehicles could get stuck in the air after loading a save. Now they just fall down like normal, boring cars.


    • Throwing Knives have been reworked - Knives are not lost after being thrown, but instead automatically return to V's hand after a set cooldown (depending on the rarity of the knives). Throwing knives can also be picked up, which resets the cooldown.
    • The iconic knife "Stinger" now correctly matches V's level when obtained.
    • Smart weapon projectiles are now as fast on various weapons as on the Kang Tao G-58 Dian; this gives the player a better sense of speed and impact.
    • Silenced gun range increased from 3m to 8m.
    • Melee weapon reduced stamina cost when attacking stat now works correctly.
    • Crunch, Cold Shoulder, and Pax weapon mods now increase weapon damage by a percentage.
    • Minimum melee weapon level now increases with each upgrade.
    • Note: Improved melee weapons will have their level adjusted due to this change. Equipped weapons that you don't have the minimum level for can still be used, but if you unequip them, you must wait until you reach the minimum level before you can equip them again.
    • The values ​​of the DR5 Nova, which can be found in the quest Stadium Love are now matched to V's level.
    • The crusher can no longer be used in the shooting competition in the quest Shoot to Thrill be used.
    • For the bottles in Cassidy's challenge in We Gotta Live Together there is now an aim assist feature to make playing with a controller easier.

    user interface

    • Various usability improvements for the map, including icon resizing, new tooltips, and new filters. It also includes a dynamic filter depending on the zoom, as well as a customizable filter that the player can set to their liking.
    • The "Wait" interface has been redesigned. This makes it easier to switch between different times of the day and shows exactly when you're waiting until.
    • Updated the graphics for various scopes with new animations; in addition, the view is clearer now.
    • Fields, notifications and pop-ups on the user interface are now easier to read and the graphics have been unified.
    • There is now a new notification of the song name when it is just starting on the radio.
    • When entering a vehicle, its name is now shown on the HUD.
    • The stats of items in storage are properly displayed in their tooltips.
    • Adjusted the crosshairs when throwing knives.
    • Added a buff counter next to the health bar to show how many stacks of a particular status effect are currently active.
    • Improved directional pad navigation on various screens and gauges.
    • A missing description has been added to Wakako's entry in the database.
    • I Fought the Law – Control box display has been improved to provide better feedback during interactions.
    • Fixed an issue where the mouse cursor was not properly adjusted to different resolutions.
    • Fixed an issue where the fast travel destination area could appear before the loading screen disappeared. No more spoilers Choomba!
    • Fixed an issue where the border of tutorial windows was visible in menus.
    • Fixed a bug where the game could freeze when opening a shard while picking it up and then immediately closing it.
    • Fixed a bug where the loading bar got stuck on the screen.


    • A few new secrets have been added to Night City for players to discover now. Due to technical limitations, this change is not available on older generation consoles.
    • The romances with Panam, Kerry, River and Judy have been expanded with new messages and interactions.
    • Added interactions in romantic partners' homes, including V being able to sleep in bed with his/her partner.
    • Fixers' holocalls with job info, as well as holocalls from the NCPD Dispatcher can now be muted. This will automatically skip the call and you will receive a text message instead. You can customize this feature to your liking in Settings -> Gameplay -> Holo Calling. By default, the NCPD dispatcher is muted, while Fixer is not.
    • Players can also decline holo calls that are not essential to the plot. A message will appear on the screen allowing players to accept or decline the holo call. If they decline the call, they'll receive a text message instead.
    • Improved the holo call system so that multiple holo calls don't accumulate if the first call loads too slowly.
    • Night City nightlife has been improved by turning up the music in clubs.
    • Fixed a bug where the distorted graphic effect could persist after returning from cyberspace.
    • Fixed an issue where River hung up immediately when called. So rude!
    • Automatic Love - Lizzie's Bar is now always open at the correct times.
    • Beat on the Brat - The separate journal entries for each fight now only appear after the player has found the fights.
    • Beat on the Brat - V can no longer equip previously dropped weapons in fistfights.
    • Beat on the Brat: The Glen - Fixed an issue where El Cesar sent V a message asking if he/she was taking good care of the car even if V hadn't accepted it.
    • Coin Operated Boy - Theo no longer despawns on the "Talk to Theo." objective.
    • Disasterpiece - Fixed a bug where V couldn't get into the van to talk to Judy after getting the XBD.
    • Snazzy - Fixed a bug where the Thorton Colby was missing.
    • Epistrophy - The separate journal entries for the Delamains now only appear after the player finds them.
    • Epistrophy - New comments have been added for the Delamain Taxi after completing the quest when the Liberate or Merge option is selected.
    • Ex-Factor - Fixed a bug where Judy never called to start the quest.
    • Ex-Factor - Fixed an issue where Judy would not spawn on the Cloud's balcony, preventing the quest from continuing.
    • Ex-Factor - If the player did not loot Maiko's Death and Taxes pistol during the quest, they can now find it in a different location.
    • I Fought the Law - V can no longer wait in River's car while an important scene with Detective Han is in progress.
    • Killing in the Name - Hacking the router correctly displays the minigame even if V has no Cyberdeck equipped.
    • Life During Wartime - Fixed a bug that caused the "Scan the vehicle tracks" objective to sometimes appear in a different location.
    • M'ap Tann Pelen - Fixed a bug where the NPCs in the butcher shop would not spawn, blocking further progress.
    • M'ap Tann Pelen - Fixed a rare bug where Placide was even more rude than usual and refused to talk to V at Rolland.
    • Off the Leash - Some of the fans at the Kerry and Us Cracks concert were really upset that other people were copying their outfits so that was changed.
    • Pisces - Fixed a bug where V couldn't leave Hiromi's apartment when he/she called someone in the elevator to the maintenance area.
    • Riders on the Storm - Fixed a bug where players could not talk to Panam and Mitch under certain circumstances.
    • Search and Destroy - Fixed a bug where the next main quests would not appear after completing this quest.
    • Sweet Dreams - The quest will not reappear in the journal with the objective "Talk to Stefan" if V initially declined the offer and then got the money back for Stefan's Braindance.
    • The Customer - The Braindance tutorial can now be skipped.
    • These Boots Are Made for Walking – Vs old car is no longer missing.
    • With a Little Help from My Friends - Fixed a bug where Panam wouldn't call to start this quest after completing Riders on the Storm.


    • V now has reputation with the Night City fixers. New fixer quests will now appear gradually as your reputation improves, and fixers will only offer you the next set of quests once you've completed previous quests in a district.
    • You'll get a special reward if you complete all contracts for a fixer (except for Mr. Hands - he has all hands related to other things). If you hover your cursor over a fixer's icon on the map, you can see how far along you are on his orders and your reputation with him.
    • Crowds and groups in Night City are now more diverse at day and night times. NPC conversations in all districts now occur more often and have more variety.
    • Heist in Progress in Charter Hill - Fixed a bug that made picking up the evidence impossible.
    • Raid in progress in Corpo Plaza - Fixed a bug where the quest would not progress if the player collected the evidence before going to Heywood.
    • Raid in progress in Kabuki - Fixed a bug where the quest would reappear on the map after completing The Prophet's Song.
    • Contract: Breaking News - Fixed a bug where the truck would fall into the ground, blocking further progress. Note: The vehicle will now spawn after approaching the garage even if the marker is pointing underground.
    • Quest: Family Heirloom - Fixed an issue where the quest would not start when approaching the marker but would get stuck on undetected.
    • Quest: Freedom of the Press - The quest no longer fails upon entering the TV studio building.
    • Quest: Farewell Party - Fixed a bug where the car would spawn underground. If you encountered this error in your game, you may need to accompany Flavio first for the car to spawn.
    • Quest: Guinea Pig - Fixed a bug where the elevator in the hotel was locked, blocking further progress.
    • Quest: Life's Achievement - Fixed an issue where the car would not spawn or spawn incorrectly.
    • Quest: The Lord Gives and the Lord Takes - The XNUMXxXNUMX now spawns properly.
    • Crime Report: Paranoia - It's now easier to climb up the building and find the hideout.
    • Cyberpsycho Attack: Smoke on the Water - Fixed a bug where "Search the van. [Optional]" remained as the last objective and the quest could not be completed.


    • Improved the appearance of and interaction with water. Waves and water splashes are caused by various events such as hitting objects or shooting.
    • Improved the visual effect of rain on vehicle windows. Raindrops are no longer afraid of falling from the sky.
    • Added neon rims for motorcycles. You can toggle them on and off with the E button (or by pressing the left stick on a controller).
    • Improved the graphics for the Cyberware Optical Cloak. If Johnny 2023 had this cyberware, he could have secretly detonated his mini nuclear bomb.
    • Fixed an issue where some subtitles of Johnny's dialogue lines would get stuck on screen.
    • AVs no longer fly through buildings.


    • The weather system has been improved so that weather changes are now more logical and only occur under certain conditions.
    • The amount of loot lying around has been greatly reduced so players can focus more on enjoying scenes from quests and the world itself.


    • HDD mode now has an automatic option. When activated, the mode automatically detects which hard drive the game is installed on and, if necessary, improves data loading and crowd activity at the expense of crowd variety, more loading screens and less detail on the streets, as long as you're fast drive
    • AMD FidelityFX™ Super Resolution (FSR) 1.0 algorithm has been added, replacing Contrast Adaptive Sharpening (CAS). On PC, this option can be enabled in Settings -> Graphics -> Resolution Scaling. This option is not configurable on consoles.
    • Various bug fixes and stability improvements for general optimization.

    ON PC

    • A benchmark mode has been added. You can find it under Settings -> Start benchmark.
    • Added a "walk on/off" option for keyboard play. It can be activated while exploring with the G key. The button binding can be changed in the settings.
    • See-through reflections on the glossy paintwork of some cars were made possible by ray tracing.
    • Variable Rate Shading (VRS) has been enabled. This feature improves performance and graphics quality by varying the shading rate at different points in the image. It is only available on compatible hardware.
    • Fixed an issue where resolution scaling was blocked on AMD graphics cards when ray tracing was enabled.
    • Support for "NVIDIA 700" series graphics cards has been discontinued: Since there is no longer support for the graphics drivers, we have set the minimum system requirements for NVIDIA graphics cards to the GTX 970. That doesn't mean the game won't run on the 700 series cards, just that we won't test it on those graphics cards anymore.
    • Windows 7: Future Support: Due to the technical limitations in the non-native implementation of DirectX 12 on Windows 7 and the end of support (or limited support) for graphics drivers, future game updates after June 15, 2022 will no longer support Windows 7 support. If the game is updated with patches after this date, the game may become inoperable.


    • Portuguese (Brazil) is now available on digital copies of the game in Portugal (PlayStation codes: CUSA-18278 and CUSA-18279). For more details on support for different language editions, see: XboxPlayStation.
    • Saves can now be transferred from PS4 to PS5. You can find instructions on how to do this here .
    • Fixed an issue where V's mouth and hair could be seen in first person view.


    • The scale of the field of view has been adjusted to match the other platforms.

Digital Xbox One owners of Cyberpunk 2077 can take advantage of Smart Delivery and automatically receive a free upgrade to the Xbox Series X|S Next Generation Update, for both Xbox One digital and disc versions.

The new Cyberpunk 15 next-gen free trial for Xbox Series X|S and Playstation is also available now through March 17 at 2077 p.m. In this test version you dive into the world of Night City for a full five hours - without any restrictions.


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