The first big patch is here! Cyberpunk 2077 is a real phenomenon despite all the criticism: According to a current report by SuperData, the action role-playing game from CD Projekt Red has had the biggest game start ever based on digital sales. And the developers are gradually putting the video game on the right track. Update 1.1 fixes several critical bugs. 

SuperData has sold around ten million digital versions of Cyberpunk 2077. The game topped the December PC gaming charts, ahead of League of Legends and World of Warcraft.

Cyberpunk 2077 sales figures: Good reputation precedes

The good reputation that CD Projekt Red has earned with The Witcher 3 is likely to have driven sales - and the hype that has arisen over the years around Cyberpunk 2077 has also contributed to the record numbers. Despite all the problems, the action role-playing game went a million times over the virtual counters. Impressive: According to SuperData, around 80 percent of digital sales come from the PC version. But that's not really surprising in view of the condition of the console version and the Delistings by Sony in the Playstation Store.

After the first patch has been released, the developers are already working on the next update. Image: CDPR

After the first patch has been released, the developers are already working on the next update. Image: CDPR

In order to be able to tie in with the sales of the PC version with the console version, CD Projekt Red has to spend enormous resources on troubleshooting. A first step has now been taken. The developers have released the first big patch of the year - it is version number 1.1. The update should stabilize the game and, according to CD Projekt Red, lay “the necessary foundation for the upcoming patches”.

The first critical errors and numerous bugs have been eliminated. Now the developers are working on patch 1.2, which should then eliminate further problems with Cyberpunk 2077. Patch 1.1 is aimed at all users, so it provides improvements on PC, Xbox, Playstation and Google Stadia.

The official patch notes for patch 1.1 of Cyberpunk 2077 according to CD Projekt Red:

  • Various stability improvements including:
  • Improved memory usage in various sub-systems of the game - characters, interactions, navigation, in-game videos (TV, commercials, news), leaves, laser effects, minimap, devices, AI, road traffic, the environmental damage system, graphics card-related and more.
  • Various problems that led to crashes have been fixed (including loading saves, starting and exiting the game and the last possible save point [Point of No Return]).
  • Fixed the issue where calls from Delamain in Epistrophy would end immediately and could not be answered.
  • Fixed the issue where players in Epistrophy would not receive calls from Delamain when approaching the respective vehicle.
  • Fixed the issue where the objective in M'ap Tann Pelen would get stuck on "Answer Mr. Hands' call".
  • Fixed the issue where Judy was teleported underground in Pyramid Song.
  • Fixed the issue where it was not possible to speak to the Zen Master in Poem of the Atoms.
  • Fixed the issue where Takemura would not call Down on the Street.
  • Fixed the issue where Jackie could disappear into The Delivery.
  • Fixed a bug where it was impossible to get out of the car in The Beast in Me: The Great Race.
  • Fixed a bug where players could no longer receive messages and calls if they got too far from the quest area in A Day in the Life.
  • Fixed a bug where Space Oddity would not update after opening the package.
  • The game saves were retrospectively fixed, where a rare problem resulted in the fact that you couldn't speak to Judy in Automatic Love because of an invisible wall. We are currently investigating the actual reason for this error.
  • Fixed the issue where players could not collect their reward for the Freedom of the Press quest. Players who were unable to collect the reward will now automatically complete the quest and receive the reward automatically.
  • Fixed the issue where Delamain would not say anything during the entire Epistrophy quest if players initially refused to help him.
  • A bug has been fixed where the prompt to leave the braindance was missing.
  • An invalid item was removed as loot. 
  • Fixed the issue where the trajectory of a grenade was displayed in photo mode.
  • Fixed the issue where particles would look pink up close.
  • Fixed a bug where cars were in Crime Report: Welcome to Night City did not appear correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where success Little man - now what? sometimes not unlocked after completing all missions and NCPD scanner offenses in Santo Domingo.
  • The reason for the excessive size of savegames has been removed (this was due to the modifier that indicated whether an item was self-made) and existing savegames were reduced in size. (Note: PC saves that were damaged prior to the 1.06 update will not be repaired.)
  • Fixed an issue where inputs were no longer recognized after opening the weapon wheel and performing an action.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Continue” option in the main menu could load a save in the finale.
  • Crowd performance optimization on PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 5.
  • Fixed various crash issues on PlayStation 4.
  • Improved memory usage for character creation, mirroring, scanning, remote control of cameras and menus (inventory, map) on Xbox One, Xbox One X and Xbox One S.
  • It is now possible to unlock achievements in Steam's offline mode. Note: To do this, offline mode must be activated before starting the game. This does not work retrospectively.
  • A bug has been addressed where loading the cache on NVIDIA graphics cards could crash when starting the game.
  • The sound at the concert in Never fade awayshould be heard now.
  • Fixed damaged textures on several melee weapons.
  • The default settings for the zero zone have been adjusted and are now more responsive. Note: This change only affects the standard settings.

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