Gaming is not exactly one of the cheapest hobbies, especially if the passionate gamer always wants to stay up to date. Ancient camels cost significantly less than the latest games, including the associated current hardware. Sometimes, however, the roasted pigeons fly into the mouth of an enthusiastic player, namely when he wins the main prize in a competition: We take a precautionary look around the group, looking for current opportunities to win.

Monster hunters watch out! Monster Hunter: World to have ten times

The online magazine Gamestar has just started an exciting campaign that focuses on the long-awaited PC game "Monster Hunter: World". Ten times there are win the PC retail version, as the starting signal for a superlative monster battle. The news sponsor Capcom appears as a partner, who should of course also be mentioned at this point.

The brand new game has only been available since September 3rd, the competition runs until September 16th. So there is still a few days to get active. Of course, this does not only apply to die-hard fans of the Monster Hunter series, but also to everyone who simply wants to get a taste of the game and be inspired. The success of the series so far speaks for itself, so no disappointment is to be expected at this point.

Out into the wide world of glamor

Not every gamer experiences his adventures exclusively on the display, some people also like to travel around in world history: Discover the hottest entertainment hotspots in the world while playing, indulge in luxury, receive pocket money - and all for free? This is what the Full Tilt Ultimate Players Trip, in which the lucky winner - or the winner - is sent to Las Vegas, Macau and Monte Carlo for 15 days with an accompanying person. 

It is no coincidence that the most famous and most dazzling casinos in the world are located precisely in these places, and there is a city worth seeing all around, which invites you to go on extensive sightseeing. A real gamer's holiday could hardly be more fulfilling, so it is important to hurry up!

Current competitions and promotions for gamers
Simply getting hold of the new gaming laptop through a competition is every gamer's dream. There are countless competitions for gamers on the Internet - and the number is increasing every day.

To win another five precious monster discs

Who would have thought that: The game magazine 4Players has also succumbed to the monster hunter hype and is distributing five PC versions of "Monster Hunter: World" on CD. To at the competition To participate, the user must first log in, i.e. he needs an account on this website. The nickname of the lucky winner is published, the mandatory address details remain hidden from the public. Everyone who feels challenged should take part by September 23, otherwise the five precious discs are gone. And that is really not worth striving for!

20.000 euros: A true infernal machine is looking for a new home

The digital journal PC-Welt throws a real hardcore price into the race, here you can actually get a gamer PC worth more than 20.000 euros! His name: Infernal Machine X. And this term actually seems to be meant seriously! The device is equipped with the latest technology and thus delivers the highest gaming performance. It also looks absolutely stylish, really nice to show off.

The choices are the same several PC world participation campaignsthat can be combined with each other to increase your own chances. There is still time until October 31st to secure as many tickets as possible! Unfortunately, one thing remains certain: the number of competitors will be large, but if you don't dare, you won't win. So get to the meatballs and set your sights on the infernal machine!

Hardware and software tied into an attractive package

“ProSiebenSat.1 Digital GmbH” is also making a splash, the well-known channels are currently offering game fans among their viewers a comprehensive gaming package as a profit. The campaign will run until October 14th, when the raffle will start. The tightly tied package contains not only the games "God of War" and "Fifa 18", but actually also a gaming notebook and a Playstation 4 20th Anniversary. You can live with that, right?

Current competitions and promotions for gamers

You need to register in the ProfitArena to participate. The first competition is free, after which there is a fee. However, new, interesting wins keep coming up so that the tension is always maintained. For example, larger sums of money regularly end up in the pot, such as 5.000 or even 10.000 euros. A gamer can also do something with that, for example buying a game console or finally getting into virtual reality. The imagination really doesn't have to be limitless to come up with the right ideas here.

Playing is a passion that can extend into many areas of life. Excitement and adventure await not only on the display, but also in real life! That is why gamers are often particularly fond of gambling, they simply love that special tingling sensation when a desirable prize is in prospect. So: let's have fun - and toi, toi, toi!