In October and November, four new adventure volumes for the Cthulhu role-playing game were published by Pegasus Spiele: The Meat Gardens of Carcosa, Nameless Terror in the Old World and Adventures from Crypt III as well as a multi-part campaign in Stuttgart in the 1920s, Shadow of a City. In addition, with Cthulhu: Malleus Monstrorum 1: Monsters of the Cthulhu Myth, the first part of the book of creatures for the seventh edition of Cthulhu has been published. This is announced by the publisher Pegasus Spiele.

Tentacle monsters and terrifying creatures are at the heart of the Cthulhu RPG, which is based on the works of HP Lovecraft. The first part of the recently published Malleus Monstrorum, available as an inexpensive, four-color hardcover, provides the necessary inspiration for your own adventures.

In over 150 entries, game managers can find information and game values ​​for a wide variety of monsters, from the Abhoth breed to Schoggothen to the Yuggs. The second part of the book of creatures is expected to appear in March 2022, together with a limited complete edition of both books.

Investigations in Stuttgart around 1920

For those who would like to start playing right away, a four-part campaign for Cthulhu was recently released: Shadow of a City. In the Pegasus Press in-house production, the players end up as investigators in Stuttgart in the 1920s. But horror has found its way there, reality is shifting. Streets suddenly take a different turn and shadows of bygone times appear as time goes crazy. On almost 160 pages, the players experience an unbelievable story that drives them to the edge of madness right in front of their door.

In addition, another volume from the Adventures from the Crypt series is now available. Rounds of play can look forward to two completely revised classic adventures: The Secret of the Black Forest Farm from the Game Master's Guide, Third Edition, and The Return of the Dark Angels from Terra Cthulhiana. Fully adapted to the seventh edition, both stories can either be played as an independent adventure or used by game management as a basis for their own campaigns.

With The Meat Gardens of Carcosa, Pegasus Press published a self-produced adventure volume in November, with which the players can delve deep into the Cthulhu myth in two stories. In the adventure of the same name, which is explicitly aimed at adults, the players have to fight for survival and their wits in a world made of corpses. The yellow sign, on the other hand, is designed for a single person. The eponymous artifact fell into her hands by accident and now she has to get to safety from the supernatural guardian.

In the fifth new release for the Cthulhu role-playing game, Nameless Terror in the Old World, the investigators end up in England and France. In the first adventure, An Insatiable Desire, they investigate mysterious nocturnal echoes in Dunwich, England. In the second adventure, A Mission of Art, you are part of the artistic elite of Paris at the turn of the century. But something mysterious happens here and sometimes the only price for a work of art is death. Both adventures include pre-designed investigators that you can play right away.

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