With Cthulhu: Death May Die - Fear of the Unknown, CMON has gone online with the next crowdfunding project on the Kickstarter platform: almost 10.000 supporters are already helping to finance the stand-alone box. CMON is thus approaching the one million euro mark. 

CMON's new Kickstarter surprise apparently got fans a lot more excited than previous campaigns. All in all, this is not surprising, after all, there are countless players who have been waiting for new content for Cthulhu: Death May Die.

Cthulhu: Death May: CMON as a wish granter

With the announcement of the third season, the expectations were correspondingly high Cthulhu: Death May Die - Fear of the Unknown. It is a new standalone game. The new campaign is now live on Kickstarter - and so far it has been successful. 

There are new monsters and new rules, among other things, but the original formula doesn't change much. The target of 200.000 US dollars has long since been exceeded, and the limit of the equivalent of one million euros is now being approached. Fans have until November 10th to vote in support of the Cthulhu: Death May Die – Fear of the Unknown crowdfunding campaign.

The basic box plus Kickstarter goals costs around 100 euros, plus shipping and taxes. It doesn't get any cheaper than that - but obviously not more expensive either. Atypically for CMON, this time there is a clear pledge structure consisting of exactly one option. Apparently that goes down well. Of the approximately 9.700 supporters, almost 7.800 decided to start with the Core Pledge. Comparatively few fans are waiting for the pledge manager to open. 

Cthulhu: Death May Die is a cooperative board game for one to five players in which a team of investigators attempt to defeat an Ancient One after cultists brought the monster into the world. The original version of the board game featured a variety of miniatures, including some impressive monster figures. 

The basic version of the board game has come onto the market in this country in a localized version via Asmodee. The game is comparatively cheap with acquisition costs of currently around 75 euros. The second season costs around 71 euros and is also available in German.  


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