The Sandbox, one of the leading decentralized virtual gaming worlds and a subsidiary of Animoca Brands, has partnered with GamerHash, one of the largest crypto gaming ecosystems in the world.

GamerHash will develop new games in the Metaverse while educating 700.000 gamers on the values ​​of NFTs, decentralization and blockchain. With the initial help of The Sandbox team, GamerHash has become the first official Polish partner developing games in the sandbox metaverse.

What's New in the Metaverse

GamerHash is excited about the idea behind The Sandbox. According to the GamerHash team, their Metaverse is much more than just an impressive map. This is primarily due to the enthusiastic community with their creativity. This mindset led GamerHash to acquire a 2020×6 LAND pack in one of the first sales of 6. The companies have been close ever since, also because of their joint membership in the Blockchain Game Alliance.

The GamerHash community consists of over 700.000 players who understand the world of cryptocurrencies and mining. This collaboration is a great way to introduce players to The Sandbox's Metaverse and how NFTs, Crypto, and the Metaverse fit together.

“GamerHash has active gamer communities who have found The Sandbox's open metaverse to be a great playground for their members. GamerHash has turned his ideas into reality and brought his mascot to life by creating expandable adventures for the community to engage in, in the spirit of Web3,” says Sebastien Borget, COO and Founder of The Sandbox.

“We have known the team at The Sandbox for some time through our membership in the Blockchain Game Alliance and it has always been a pleasure working with them. The project is constantly pushing the boundaries of the metaverse, games and blockchain. That's why we at GamerHash are very interested in a cooperation to unleash even more of this creative power - especially with our very strong Polish Discord server with a growing creator community for The Sandbox," says Artur Pszczolkowski, CMO of GamerHash.

GamerHash Studios' first game in the Metaverse is already in the works in The Sandbox and is expected to be released in the fall under the name TRAVERSE: Mars is Mine. The story follows Astro, GamerHash's brand hero, as he bravely explores the undiscovered mysteries of the universe.

The team is already working on a second game to bring eSports to the world of The Sandbox. In addition to the game in the sandbox metaverse developed by GamerHash, both teams promise in their official announcements many events that will take place in the summer, including NFT drops.

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