Crusader Kings 3 is a real success for Paradox Interactive: This is now underpinned by the achievement of a sales milestone. The game company Paradox announced this shortly before the console version was released. 

A year and a half after its release in September 2020, the medieval grand strategy role-playing game Crusader Kings III has sold two million copies, making it one of the fastest Paradox titles to achieve this goal. With near-endless possibilities and storytelling potential, the game received critical acclaim and reached a new generation of strategy players.

Two million copies - fast

Royal Court, the game's first major expansion released last month, was also cause for celebration, having already sold over a million copies. The DLC introduces new ways to rule your empire from the throne room, including fundamental changes to the game's culture system and the addition of artifacts.

"Sold two million copies is a huge milestone for our Crusader Kings team," said game director Alex Oltner. "It's a tremendous vote of confidence from the entire community and we're thrilled that our games are reaching such a wide audience. I think that's not only good for us, but for strategy games in general. We have big plans for CK3 and it's good to know that so many people want to join us on this journey."

Ambitious rulers will soon lead their brave knights and scheming courtiers to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles. Developed in collaboration with Lab42 Studios, the console adaptation of this popular strategy RPG will bring even more subjects under the mostly benevolent rule of a game that has entertained gamers around the world for millions of hours.

Scheduled for March 29th, the console version of Crusader Kings III is available for pre-order on both systems and pre-load on Xbox Series X|S. The game will be available to Xbox fans with the appropriate subscription as soon as it is launched in game Pass and can then be played at no additional cost.

Here is the Royal Court release trailer:


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