Royal Court is the first major expansion for the award-winning medieval grand strategy role-playing game Crusader Kings III. Beginning February 8, 2022, chair rulers and aspiring emperors will be able to amass artifacts and establish new types of nations! And all in one of the most profound mixes of politics, intrigue and rich character-based stories in a strategy game.

This expansion is accompanied by a major free update for all Crusader Kings III players, which includes a new culture interface, lower positions at the court and other improvements.

Cultural divergence

What would a king or queen be without a throne room? All the great rulers in history had a place to receive guests and show their majesty. Soon, Crusader Kings III players will have new ways to manage their courts and build the most prestigious dynasty in history.

The features of Crusader Kings III: Royal Court at a glance:

  • Throne Room: The visual representation of the royal court will reflect the concentrated majestic power and prestige of a dynasty.
  • Hold court: Players interact with vassals and courtiers when they come to them with their problems and seek a royal verdict.
  • Splendor: Players increase the quality of life at their court with extravagant facilities and quality food to impress their rivals and attract higher-value guests.
  • Inspired people: Talented artists, craftsmen and thinkers can work on new projects and add treasures and artifacts to a farm.
  • Hybrid cultures: Players combine the best of a multicultural world and develop new ways of life that are specially adapted to their population and geography.
  • Cultural divergence: rulers break away from their traditional culture and adapt it to something new that better suits their ambitions.

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