Paradox Interactive lets some content bombs burst at the in-house convention. The announcement of a successor to the Grand Stratety Games Crusader Kings 2 should be particularly exciting. The Swedish studio has now announced that Crusader Kings 3 will be released in 2020. Then for PC via Steam and also as part of the Xbox Game Pass for PC.

In the coming year, the fate of a dynasty will once again be in the hands of those players who love sprawling strategic medieval games. Paradox Interactive will then bring the successor to the epic Grand Strategy title Crusader Kings 2 onto the market for Steam and Game Pass. As part of the Paradox Convention, which takes place in Berlin, the studio not only announced expansions for games that have already been released, but also Crusader Kings 3.

The sequel to Crusader Kings is coming to Steam and Game Pass

You have to like these overly long and option-rich medieval strategy games like a Crusader King, but then there are only a few alternatives to every video game series that Paradox Interactive will expand with a new offshoot in the coming year. The heirs to the throne are already standing in line. In Crusader Kings 3, too, players will lead their own dynasty to power. Again there is a lot of drama - including intrigues, conquests and religious entanglements.

Players are allowed to be nasty again: Crusader Kings 3 is full of intrigues and assassinations. Image: Paradox (Youtube)

Players are allowed to be nasty again: Crusader Kings 3 is full of intrigues and assassinations. Image: Paradox (Youtube)

Paradox Interactive heralds a new era in grand strategy games with Crusader Kings 3. The game has been graphically revised and offers 3D character models and a much more detailed map than its predecessor.  

With the new offshoot from the Crusader Kings series, Paradox Interactive aims to appeal to both genre-experienced and newcomers. One thing is certain: Countless new stories are being written in the digital medieval world.

"Crusader Kings is a massive medieval simulator where players are free to choose and live out any believable ruler fantasy we can think of - albeit not without a challenge," Game Director Henrik Fahraeus describes the open-ended gaming experience that Crusader Kings 3 should offer. He is happy about the great success of the predecessor, especially because user-friendliness was not even the main goal of the development. The sequel should do that better and also appeal to genre newcomers. 

In parallel to the announcement of the release of Crusader Kings 3, Paradox Interactive has published a first teaser trailer. 


The core features of the game remain almost unchanged. It's about forming your own aristocratic dynasty, guiding the characters through the story and cleverly using their strengths to your own advantage. Players can virtually "rewrite" medieval history, because Crusader Kings 3 is again more than just a strategy game - it is a world simulation in which factors such as religion, family situation and politics can be directly influenced.

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Players establish their medieval kingdom, send out subjects or insist on family responsibilities in order to win over reluctant relatives for their own cause. In order to be successful, Paradox Interactive aims to gently introduce new players to the content. This should be achieved through strategic suggestions that the players then make in the game.

Then a little surprise: The basic version of Crusader Kings 2 can now be played free of charge as a Free-2-Play title - on every platform on which the game can be obtained - including PCSteam.

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